Tag: why I should listen to my wife


I (stupidly, and against the wise and regular counsel of my wife) left the car unlocked last night. In our driveway. I won’t be doing that again. We’re clearly not in Townsville anymore… (though I did the same thing there last year with similar results – a stolen pocket knife (luckily not my “I inherited it from my pa so it’s a family heirloom pocket knife”).

Items stolen from the centre console include the case of the new Basement Birds CD I bought on Monday, sadly holding my (favourite of all time) Gomez “How We Operate” CD, and my iPod. They also pinched Robyn’s car survival kit from our glovebox. So they’re the proud owners of a box of mints, some strapping tape, and other miscellaneous items.

If I catch them I’ll bash’em.