Seeing double

Sometimes at a dinner party the table can be littered with glassware, and it’s a klutz’s nightmare. You place your knife down just that little bit too hard, and the glasses fall like dominoes. If only there was a solution to all that clutter.

But wait. There must be. Because you can see the picture below already, there’s no air of mystery. These double ended glasses are expensive, but you’ll save money on broken glasses in the long run…

This glass is always half full

These are most fascinating. They would go nicely with the inverted beer glass I posted ages ago but can’t be bothered looking up to link. You can buy them here.

Bottomless glass… almost

Refilling your wine glass is tiresome – this is probably the reason so many lazy homeless people prefer their wine in a cask. This designer clearly got sick of the problem – and designed this wine glass with a built in storage tank.