World of Warcraft

There’s a whole other world in there…

I’ve never played World of Warcraft. I don’t like craft. But it turns out I had it all wrong. It’s not a craft game – it’s a populace the size of a small (to medium) country with a small to medium economy. I’ve certainly never wasted 30 hours of a week on a game (that’s not Tetris).

My inner “missional” man wants to know how we reach these people with the gospel – do we choose to become a human character named Jesus (in the game) in order to tell people we meet about the real thing.. If every Christian in the world did that this weekend I reckon these current numbers would take a tumble.

The Unbelievable World of Warcraft

Rethinking the classics

A few weeks ago, or was it only one or two, I posted a bunch of movies re-envisaged as old books. There’s now a gallery of computer games given the same treatment over at Kotaku. A game focused blog that’s worth reading if you’re that way inclined. Here are two of my all time favourite games.

I like how World of Warcraft looks like a toilet.

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