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Daintree Rainforest

One of our little jaunts out of Port Douglas was a trip to the Daintree. Both Robyn and I previously felt our tropical citizenship was somewhate lacking having not seen crocodiles in the wild so a croc tour was the order of the day.  Unfortunately the crocodiles did their best to maintain the status quo. But we did spot two little’uns on our trip with the Crocodile Express. Hurrah. 

Unfortunately, prior to the tour Robyn had, in her haste, locked the keys in the car. How embarrassment. I was confident of my breaking and entering skills having made the same mistake myself on occasion – but alas, the piece of box tape I procured was not up to the task. It slipped off the button lock thing over and over again. We were doomed. To a life spent in the Daintree Village – the locals, perhaps fearing the consequences of our relocation, leapt to our aid. The woman manning the information centre had previously worked in a correctional facility and the residents had given her all the tips and tricks. But she fell short of the mark – and called on two hardened locals who seemed all too handy with a screwdriver and coathanger… after a couple of minutes, and a couple of stubbies of XXXX Gold, we were back on the road. 

One of the things that you don’t get warned about (adequately) is that to get to the Daintree Discovery Centre you need $19 cash in hand for the return car ferry trip. So be warned. 

The trip is probably worth it – provided you’re not expecting to come across real, live, cassowaries. 

There are statues though, and a chance to experience a cross section of rainforest flora – from canopy to undergrowth.