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“Yoof” Videos that don’t suck

I just spent the weekend at Y-Net – a great camp for Queensland Christians interested and involved in youth and children’s ministry. It reminded me (when I wasn’t cooking or making coffee) that finding good videos on YouTube is probably just as important as finding the dross I normally dig up.

I quite enjoyed this one – though I’m not sure how well it translates to the Australian market.

Also good, and powerfully compelling, is this Brian Head Welch testimony, he’s the ex-guitarist of the band Korn.

We need more grungy Australian Christians with sordid pasts.

Anybody got a good video I should add to my collection of good videos? Snakes in the bathtub and Friday parodies won’t cut it this time… (though if you have something like that, send it to me…)

Crabby Old Guy captures the problem with the youth of today

You know what you need to help you truly understand the motives of those youths lurking by the service station, or crowding around wearing hoodies at the shopping centre… Trading Cards. The Crabby Old Man has you covered.