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YouTube Toosday: Willhelm Scream

I thought I’d mentioned the Willhelm Scream before. It’s a sound engineer’s joke in movies. A reoccuring scream sound effect from 1951. It has a life of its own. Here’s a little video documentary about it… apparently the scream was quite possibly produced by the guy who sang the Purple People Eater song.

YouTube Toosday: Wiilax

Perhaps inspired by the “bed goes up, bed goes down” hospital bed – this beanbag is controlled by the whimsical waving of a wiimote. Here’s the original concept drawing…

Beautiful. Applied science. The laziest piece of furniture evolution ever. Amazing.

And you can make your own – thanks to Make Magazine.

The designers called it “the Beancat”…

“The Beancat is an all-wheel drive, battery powered bean bag chair, controlled by a Wii nunchuk. Getting a drink from the fridge has never been so much fun. The low profile drive, frame and controlling hardware are completely concealed so at first glance it’s just a simple bean bag.”

Here’s how you can make your own – complete with detailed diagrams.

YouTube Toosday: Con job?

Young Cons – the Young Conservatives (unless it’s a parody) have some issues separating America from the “Kingdom of God”… but this is pretty funny.

“The more money we spend the more mine is worth jack, the Bible says we’re a nation under God…”

Umm, that’s probably the Pledge of Allegiance you’re confused with…

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