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Happy Birthday Link

The Zelda franchise is 25 today. Did anybody else play the NES version? It was awesome. It had a gold cartridge. So many hours of my childhood were spent searching for the 8th and 9th labyrinths (I never found them. This was before internet walkthroughs).

GeekDad and the Technologizer have more.

Zelda was the first game to offer a saved game facility, thanks to that little onboard battery.

8 bit: games in real life

I like this series of photos. Very clever.

Hyrule Field

Hyaku Retsu Harite (aka Hundred Hand Slap)

Keeping The Mean Streets Clean

More on Flickr.

Super Mario Bros Crossover will waste your life

Did you grow up playing Super Mario Bros? How about the Legend of Zelda? Megaman? Did you ever imagine what life would be like if Link (from Zelda) could run around stabbing those stupid goombas with his sword?

Now you can bring Link into Mario world, and stab away. Thanks to Super Mario Bros Crossover by Exploding Rabbit.

I played with Link. Powerups upgraded his sword. Playing Mario with the Zelda theme music is also kind of cool.

Eight bit embroidery

This is a terrific Flickr set of eight bit cushions, quilt covers and miscellaneous manchester.

Here are some favourites.

This lot flips over and becomes this lot…

Coming a cropper

I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing Farmville on Facebook. I recently overcame my addiction.

This picture, from some other Farmviller named Jeff, is almost enough to lure me back…