zombie t-shirt

Shirt of the Day: Burger King

Lets face it. Burger King has a creative advertising department. One campaign encouraged Facebook users to trade ten friends for a burger, they put together the subservient chicken campaign… I could go on. And I will.

Remember that zombie shirt from a couple of days ago? Well Burger King has topped it.

Soccer (or football to the purists) players have been throwing shirts over their heads to celebrate goals for years.

Burger King noticed.

Horrorble Shirt

Zombies are scary. They eat brains. According to Shaun of the Dead they can’t be killed by your old record collection – even if you play them U2/

Resident Evil is a computer game series (and movie series too). It’s about zombies.

Right, we’re on the same page… here’s a new (and awesome) Resident Evil t-shirt.

It’s free for people playing a demo of a game at a comic convention – that’s so many combinations of nerdness that it’s barely worth it. But the shirt is clever.

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