What’s next

I have perhaps two more posts on the environment in me, one coming up next… and one that’ll be the final version of my Salt article. I’m a bit bored with it anyway. For now.

So, if you want to suggest a new topic for me to think about and write about go for it. I promise it will be as hyperbolic and intolerant as I am capable of.

Also – I am considering writing about singleness. I was single once. Spectacularly so. And I think I’d like to write about it while I can still empathise with those struggling with it now. Plus it’s always topical. Any better ideas?


Arty fact

I was once convinced (and probably still am) that that which divides art from the everyday is the frame an artist puts around something. The declaration that it is, in fact, art. Without a declaration the thing is just a thing.

Turn your fruit into art with this revolutionary still life fruit bowl. I would buy one of these. If K-Rudd had given me my money.



Anonymous comments aren’t much fun for anyone. Unless they’re loaded with unintentionally funny vitriol. I can almost imagine how much fun this comment on Simone’s blog would have been to write. It’s from an old post of hers critiquing a Christian rewrite of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (which for those of you who are culturally arrogant is the same as Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah and the one on the Shrek Soundtrack). You can hear the Christian rewrite here. You can read the comment in its original context here. And you can indulge in a little bit of voyeurism by checking out Simone’s husband Andrew’s public but thoughtful disagreement with his wife on whether lacking cultural sophistication is sinful here.

Here’s the anonymous comment. Beautiful.

Ok, first of all, you do not know the first thing of what ‘christian’ means if you ever put it in quotes. so dont do it again.
second of all, if someone says “i just want,” you have no idea if that is true or not; just because you are selfish does not mean that everyone is.
lastly, there is no right or wrong in how you listen to music. i mean, that is the stupidest thing ive ever heard! why would there be music if poems would do? i am a recording artist and song composer, so i should know.

More Driscoll

I’ve just about had enough talking about Mark Driscoll for a while – so I’m sure you have too. But his latest post on his own blog is all about Mars Hill’s first interstate church plant – that will be a video campus and prompt changes to the Mars Hill video strategy. Only one campus will be getting his talks live – everyone else will get them a week later.

Here’s what Driscoll says about the video campuses – which is interesting. There’s no doubt his intentions for the expansion are for many people to be reached – but I still feel like that would be best achieved using real people.

In conclusion, I doubt our people will care much. The evidence shows that every one of our video campuses has higher membership, higher Community Group participation, and higher financial giving than the Ballard Campus where I preach live. Those people who comprise our video campuses tend to be most devoted to living sacrificially on mission as the church. Those who come to hear me preach in Ballard are a mix of lost people, committed servants, and Christian consumers who need to get on mission.

Since our video campuses are excelling at living missionally by bringing the gospel to neighborhoods around and now beyond Seattle, we are excited to be changing the sermon delivery method in order to allow more campuses to exist as quickly, cheaply, and effectively as possible.

Dear today show

It’s nice that you choose to promote a Channel 10 program in your morning breakfast program, but please note, in future, that there is no hereditary transition from father to daughter-in-law.

So Bob’s weightloss success does not “run in the family” just because his daughter-in-law Tiffany was runner up.

That is all.

Oh wait, no it’s not. This is probably an appropriate post to point out that the chef judge in MasterChef Australia is the king of the non sequitous segue. I’m going to keep a running count in the next episode I watch.

A bunch of links – April 29, 2009

Comic relief

There hasn’t been enough frivolity here today so I thought I’d share with you (if you haven’t already found it) the comic genius that is the Perry Bible Fellowship webcomic. Here’s a sample.

Coffee breath

If you drink as much coffee as I do you know there’s nothing more appealing than that stale coffee smell on your breath as you arrive at work. Well, now, thanks to this dental floss, you can carry that scent around with you all day… because that’s what we all want.

Moka Bot

Ever wanted a robot army? Me too. You can start building one (or purchasing one) by buying some from this guy – heaps of them use bits and pieces of coffee paraphernalia.