What’s next

I have perhaps two more posts on the environment in me, one coming up next… and one that’ll be the final version of my Salt article. I’m a bit bored with it anyway. For now.

So, if you want to suggest a new topic for me to think about and write about go for it. I promise it will be as hyperbolic and intolerant as I am capable of.

Also – I am considering writing about singleness. I was single once. Spectacularly so. And I think I’d like to write about it while I can still empathise with those struggling with it now. Plus it’s always topical. Any better ideas?


Tim says:

How about what you think about video preaching… tell us what u think…:)

How about some of the things in your life that you consider significant- give us a top 10 with explanations

Or a blog on manly :)

I would also be interested in hearing if there is one thing about the church-in general not specifically one church- that you would like to change what would it be. What would you like to see it change to?

queenstuss says:

Singleness? Ah, how old were you when you got married? Go ask my husband about singleness. Or anyone over 30 who is single. (Not that he’s heading toward singleness now, just to clarify. He was 32 when i met him, that’s all.)

Nathan says:

Yeah, I was young (24) but you’d be surprised how many people younger than me think they’ll never get married or are desperately struggling with the issue.

I don’t think they should be worried – but I think couples can make singleness hard for people too. So I was thinking my post would be something along that line.

queenstuss says:

I wouldn’t be surprised, because I was one of those people.

That idea is a better one than singleness because you were once single.

Nathan says:

You’ve slightly missed the thrust of that argument – my point is that I can still remember what it felt like to be single. So can understand where single people are coming from.

Rather than just being one of those content married people who says “it’ll happen in time”…