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Ned Flanders would be a pretty scary good guy turned crystal meth producer.

Obviously this would have been much harder to animate.

And, as a bonus, Marge Simpson in the style of Johannes Vermeer.

And as a bonus bonus. Groundskeeper Willie Van Gogh style.

And Darth Vader Monet style…

The Simpsons provide an almost endless string of possibilities for real life crossovers. There’s a South Park episode that covers the idea that the Simpsons have already done just about every joke known to man. So I’m surprised I haven’t come across more things like this. There was, of course, the real life recreation of the Simpson’s house, a real life rendering of Mr Burns, a real life Nachos Hat, the real life intro video, and some real life Tomacco.

Here’s a Tom Collins Pot Pie…


1. Unsure of what actually makes a Tom Collins, we went by what The Internet said and used the following ingredients: ice cubes; 2 oz. dry gin; 2 oz. lemon juice; 1 teaspoon sugar syrup; soda water; slice of lemon; and 1 colored cherry (we actually didn’t include the cherry).
2. Pour the drink into the pie crust
3. Then add a sprinkling of cloves

And how about some corn nog?

Delicious. A few more recipes and reviews here

This is a piece of art.

Come Home To The Simpsons from devilfish on Vimeo.

McBain: The Movie

Nathan Campbell —  February 7, 2011

So it turns out you can stitch all the McBain clips from the Simpsons together and get a coherent story. Check it out.


Rob Baur is generally a straightforward, sensible man. A senior operations analyst at an Oregon sewage treatment utility company, he’s responsible for research and development in the wastewater field, something he’s been doing for 33 years. ‘I’ve had one wife, one employer’, he says, ‘try to keep it simple.’ He’s a liberal sort of fellow who loves The Simpsons.

It’s the latter point that has given Rob Baur 15 minutes of fame that have lasted seven years. In 2003, inspired by an episode of The Simpsons, he grafted together a tobacco root and a tomato stem to make ‘tomacco’.

Mr Burns in real life

Nathan Campbell —  March 23, 2010

I don’t know that I could work for this guy (or the cartoon version for that matter)… but I do like untoonings.

Life on Evergreen Terrace

Nathan Campbell —  November 25, 2009

Just how committed do you have to be to design and build your house based on a cartoon?

I don’t know. Perhaps this answers your question

Sadly, it’s a house built by Fox and Pepsi as a prize in a competition. Not by some fanatic nutjob. But if you want to try this at home – or with your home – there are some factors to take into consideration.

“The rooms are somewhat small and uncommonly vertical. Doorways are extra-wide and arched, to accommodate Marge’s hair and Homer’s girth. Walls will be painted in bright colors and shaded to duplicate the cartoon’s style. When possible, furnishings and accents, including Marge’s corn-print curtains in the kitchen, are being faithfully reproduced. (Robinson notes that the color of the Simpson’s refrigerator alone changed seven times over the years. The residents will have to paint the fridge themselves.)

“Our people watched 56 episodes of ‘The Simpsons,’ over the course of a weekend,” Robinson said. “One thing they found out, early on, was that (the house) was structurally unsound.”

“No load-bearing walls anywhere,” agreed Joseph Leas, the local director of construction. “They never show closets (on the show); they were a complete mystery.”

Here’s a gallery of shots from the house. Here are some samples.

Cartoons in real life

Nathan Campbell —  July 14, 2009

Ben posts Peanuts comics on Thursdays. They’re a fun reminder of days flicking through Snoopy comics and playing the Snoopy Game on the Amiga.

Well, this post should excite him greatly – a real life Charlie Brown – courtesy of a Mr Tim O’Brien – who produced this for an exhibition entitled “Monsters”. It’s great.

Another artist name Pixeloo – or whose site is named Pixeloo – has put together a bunch of “real life” cartoon (and game) characters… they’re kind of freaky.

Nacho, Nacho Man…

Nathan Campbell —  June 8, 2009

Homer Simpson spawned a legacy of men wishing they could wear their dinner on their heads with such panache.

Well now you can. Thanks to this little tutorial all things are possible.