TV Dinners: Cooking food from The Simpsons

The Simpsons provide an almost endless string of possibilities for real life crossovers. There’s a South Park episode that covers the idea that the Simpsons have already done just about every joke known to man. So I’m surprised I haven’t come across more things like this. There was, of course, the real life recreation of the Simpson’s house, a real life rendering of Mr Burns, a real life Nachos Hat, the real life intro video, and some real life Tomacco.

Here’s a Tom Collins Pot Pie…


1. Unsure of what actually makes a Tom Collins, we went by what The Internet said and used the following ingredients: ice cubes; 2 oz. dry gin; 2 oz. lemon juice; 1 teaspoon sugar syrup; soda water; slice of lemon; and 1 colored cherry (we actually didn’t include the cherry).
2. Pour the drink into the pie crust
3. Then add a sprinkling of cloves

And how about some corn nog?

Delicious. A few more recipes and reviews here

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