And now for some real news…

Here’s an update on some actual things that are going on in my life in Townsville…

Work – work is great. The people I work with are fun. My role is interesting and challenging. I get cool perks (reef fishing trips, a regular pay cheque, and stuff like that). You can read my press releases here.

Home – home is good. Tim is fun. He’s about to go to PNG for a month though so Dave will have to provide me with all my home based entertainment. Are you up to that Dave? Bring on the pranks I say.

Church – Church continues to be great also. My grade 12 boys – Dave and Isaac – are a pleasure to spend time with. Even if they’re wimpy and nerdy (I hope you’re reading this boys). Dave is Donna’s little brother, that creates a whole lot of issues as I’m sure you can imagine. Donna is a rarity in that both my Townsville and Brisbane readers know her. I should write about those sorts of people more often. I had a funny experience where I saw old photos of Laura Kennedy in a church photo album the other day… and I was talking to one of Kendra and Geir’s school friends the other day… that was an interesting conversation. I’m writing a series of studies on 1 Peter for our young adults bible study group. That’s been good fun. When I get some sort of web hosting space I’ll upload them and some other stuff I’ve been writing. I’m not sure why anyone would actually want to read them, but just in case… I led the singing again last week. I have never ever claimed to be able to sing – except for a little while in Maclean before my voice broke. I’m aware that most of the time I can hold a tune – but I think that’s largely due to the amount of practice I do in my car. I’m one of those freaks you see singing at traffic lights.

Soccer – Our mixed indoor team is on fire at the moment – the new season started a couple of weeks ago and we’re currently undefeated. The girls we get to play for us are better than most guys on the other teams (particularly our American import, Kasie, who’s better than all the guys on our team). We won 10 or 11 – 2 last night. I lost count. It’s good fun, but I miss the MPC outdoor team.

I think that’s all the important areas of my life covered – except the girls part that Serge asked me to talk about – but I’m not sure that’s the kind of thing it’s wise to be posting on the Internet – or anywhere for that matter.

I’m heading down to Brisbane for Maddie’s coming of age celebrations this weekend- that’s right my second littlest sister is becomming an adult on the 9th of June. I arrive on Thursday night – start booking times in my busy social calendar now.

32 thoughts on “And now for some real news…”

  1. Yay. Commenter #1!! Are you calling my brother wimpy and nerdy?? Wimpy, maybe. But nerdy?? He needs to work on that…

  2. The Nerd scale might need to be clarified Nathan. Is the Nerd-factor absolute, or do some qualities actually reduce your Nerd status?
    Is blogging nerdy, or just modern pop-culture? Does Nerd=Geek? Is classifying a Nerd-scale nerdy?

  3. Oh, and if you’re here just for the weekend you’ll miss out on soccer as it’s not on due to the long weekend.

    You can still blame Steve for not getting to play if you like.

  4. Easiest way to get some space on the web to upload those studies – head over to Since you’ve already got gmail, they’ll give you 100MB of webspace.

    To bad you’re heading to Brisbane this weekend – we’ll be away. Have fun down here anyway – and remember to pack a beanie.

  5. I’ve just done that Dan – I noticed yours yesterday. I’ll start filling it when I get home.

  6. The Grammar Nazi

    Nerd Scale.
    1=actually studying at school/university.
    2=actually studying just for fun.
    3=being a Grammar Nazi.
    4=knowing what the word “discursive” means.
    5=winning a B-grade CounterStrike Tournament.
    6=being able to speak Elvish or Ewok.
    7=having the IQ of a genius.
    8=owning the world’s largest Pez collection.
    9=playing DnD on a semi-regular basis.
    10=wearing Coke-bottle glasses, polo neck shirts and trousers pulled up to the armpits.

  7. cb and rjb live in the same house.

    17. People who text their housemates – while they’re both at home

  8. 17. People who talk to their housemates on MSN – while they’re both in the same house

    (Nathan and Tim)

  9. 17%… Lucky I’m on my old linux computer that I have no clue about what stuff it has…

    21. Not understanding that you can be a nerd without liking computers and Technology

    22. Your playing for Nerds FC

  10. 50. You look at the players in Nerds FC and go “Oh!, Which I had their ball skills and fitness!” and actually mean it

  11. *scans press releases*

    Looks cool. But please, the humour (or lack of :P) in some of those headings…

    Haha, and picked up a few spelling errors. I think. o.O Haha. I edit stuff my lecturer “edits” too… once it’s published :D

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