Danger is his middle name

Mat Rogers has shocked the Union supporting his world by turning his back on what is ultimately a very stupid game.

The league community is set to welcome the dual international back with open arms as he rejoins the newly formed Gold Coast Titans in 2008.

All this is good news. Great news really… Rogers was a revelation in union – he taught them a thing or two about ball skills, running, tackling and kicking. He was pretty much the complete Union package… and he was only a league winger. Imagine if a really talented league player switched. Anyway I digress. The thing that struck me about the Rogers story… and in a subject dear to my heart (I was considering a blog entry exclusively on this issue) is the name of his third child. Max Danger Rogers. Now it may seem clichéd… but Danger is this kid’s middle name. And Max Danger… that’s got to be up there with Max Power (or in fact Will Power)… ahh… what a name.

In other blogworthy areas… When I asked my CEO if there was anything I could do for her today she asked if I could provide her an extra hour in the day – which got me thinking – if we reduced hours to 57.6 minutes we could have 25 hours in one 1440 minute period… It’s just a thought – I’d say we all waste, on average, more than 2.5 minutes per hour. The evidence of this is the time people spend reading my blog.

Also, I was reading something the other day where someone wrote about waiting with “baited” breath… does that mean they sat with a prawn on their tongue? I can’t remember where it was… but it got me thinking about the word “bated” – how does “with restraint” come into a debate – does a debate remove restraint? Who knows? English is a fun language.

That’s all for me today following my last mammoth effort… stay tuned for more tales from the adventurous emails of Ben and Nathan – there’s a humdinger of a discussion happening currently…


Mark says:

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Joel says:

If GC titans can get some team spirit and cooperation next year they will win the competition. They have a great team by the sounds of it.

leah says:

They do have a great team, but being their first season playing together could cause problems. I wouldn’t say they *will* win the comp, but I’d say they definitely have a chance.

I mean, we may have lost Sing… and Norton… and Graham… and Hannay… but hey! We still have Bowen and JT!

As for Mat Rogers, I have one thing to say to rugby fans- HAHA!!!

matt says:

I have an idea for a “metric” clock. (Apparently, like with everything else, the Chinese seem to have invented something similar a long time ago, but I don’t know what their idea was so I’m claiming this one as mine!)

Currently there are 86,400 seconds in a day.

What about if we had a nice round figure of 100,000 instead? All we would have to do is decrease the length of each second by about 13.6%.

Then you could have a clock face that would be marked 1-10 instead of 1-12. And digital clocks, like our metres and kilograms, would have a decimal display. So 5.00pm would be 7.08.33 (if 0.00.00 is midnight).

Yes, deep down I am a nerd and have given this some thought. I still need to think of names for the new equivalents of seconds, minutes and hours, though. Please send suggestions. (There would be 100 seconds to a minute, 100 minutes to an hour, 10 hours to a day.)

Nathan says:

centiticks, meticsk, kiloticks

Nathan says:

Having reviewed my previous proposal the appropriate units of measure based on 100 ticks of the clock in one minute/one hour with the metric minute (tick) as the base unit of measure would be:

milliticks = 1/1000th of a tick
decimilliticks = 10 milliticks or 1 metric second
ticks = 1 metric minute (or metrick minute)
centiticks = 100 ticks = 1 metric hour
kiloticks = 1 day (= 1000 ticks)

miriam says:

Bwah. Good riddance to him. I reckon it was a publicity stunt on behalf of League – get some players to ‘commit’ to playing union for a little while to try to raise the bleating profile of league.

Apparently Lote is also going back. Should never have let them have a shot at the game they play in heaven. Sailor’s ‘shot’ should have stayed in league too.

Union will just go from strength to strength after this… I might note, that the Wallabies had a fantastic winning reputation prior to the inclusion of league players to the team… Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what was bringing the team down…

miriam says:

Speaking of work, (you lead me to this question by your reference to your CEO), on a scale of 1 to 10 (one being extremely irresponsible), how irresponsible is it to quick a job without having another to go to straight away. What grounds allow for this?

Mark says:

Responsibility Chart


Being asked to do something immoral/unethical (which is probably a redundancy).

Knowledge of unethical business practices by employer/refusal by employer to address unethical actions by employees.

needing time to sort through things/study and having a means of support eg savings, (willing) spouse, (willing) parents, welfare.

wanting to make home duties your career (so you do effectively have another job to go to, it just pays differently) and can afford to do so

2-9 (depend on circumstances)

needing time to sort through things/study and not having a means of support, or having a grudging means of support.

not liking the job and having a means of support

not liking the job and not having a means of support

personal embarrassment that will affect the work environment


want to bludge off welfare/parents/spouse just because I can

personal embarrassment that won’t affect the working environment

not willing to be humble, admit mistakes and learn/change when you’ve been rightly dressed down for poor performance

miriam says:

Ok. So it’s definitely not in category 1. (Which is a good thing!) No…To make a decision!

miriam says:

Oops- that was supposed to be ‘now’ not ‘no’!

Leah says:

To Miriam: the Wallabies would be in more trouble if it weren’t for Lote. I think Union is lucky to have had him ;P

Oh, and I don’t see how league could have made any deals with union players if the union players weren’t eager to play league… :P