Ego tripping at the gates of (goog)hell

Once again, the uncultured should go here to find out what on earth that title is talking about. Actually, that title was pretty much for the benefit of Dan Saunders who knows who the Flaming Lips are.

Ego Surfing is the act of typing one’s own name into an Internet Search Engine such as Google just to see how often you appear online. There are apparently lots of athletic Nathan Campbells out there – including a triathlete in Queensland who I guarantee is not me. However, my Internet recognisability index is on the increase. If you type “Nathan Campbell” into google and hit pages from Australia – I’m now number 2. I’ve lost my shoes. I knew being an illustration in one of dad’s sermons was going to be my downfall. Although I’m glad it’s not the bath tub story. I tried to find a link to the bath tub story but thankfully the keywords “Nathan” and “bath tub” don’t bring up the sermon on the MPC website. I’m happy to be the guy who lost his shoes. Anyway, the point of this story is that I was once number 16 in the results for the above search. Due to a concerted effort on my part I’ve moved up the ladder. If you search for Nathan Townsville blog I’m like number one. I’m so excited. Almost famous. Or not – given that you’d have to be looking for me specifically to actually find me. But I guess that’s the point of Ego surfing.

The Ego Surfing phenomona fascinates me – there are companies you can pay to protect your google image. Here is a site that makes the egosurfing process a whole lot easier.

So for those of you who want to actually read stuff about my life in Townsville rather than all this very interesting other stuff…

We had the first night of Focus the other night – Focus is the young adult ministry here at Willows that I’m now coordinating. I pretty much imported the latechurch bible study model – it’s hard to be enthuisiastic about something that just seems like common sense to me – I’ve never done anything different, but it’s all new for people here which is kind of nice. Somehow I managed to volunteer to write the studies as well so if anyone out there has hints on 1 Peter I’m all ears. Luckilly we’re past the bit about preaching to the spirits of those people killed in Noah’s day.

I’m also leading a grade 12 boys bible study group – I had my first official meeting with the 2 guys in my group tonight. They seem nice enough.

I have to go to Magnetic Island again tomorrow – which would be nice if I wasn’t going on the samne tour I’ve already been on twice and if it wasn’t raining so much outside. But I do have the work digital camera this time so there may be photos on my blog next week.

Tim and I are home alone this week – Dave, our conscience, has gone on a week’s jaunt to the Sunshine Coast. We’ve decided to have the house freakishly clean by the time he gets back just to freak him out. We’re hoping he’ll start to question whether he is in fact the messy one.

In other news – I bought the new Gomez album – this post is therefore brought to you by Gomez – How we operate. I think it’s my favourite Gomez album.

While I’m on the subject of CD’s – DVD’s are kind of CD like – I’m trying to track down my Godfather box set (last seen with either Chris Lindsay or Sam Jagoe), My Shaun of the dead DVD – last seen with Garnet and the first DVD of the Office Box set (I know you’ve got it Jo)

If people continue to comment as anonymous I’m going to have to make this a subscription only site – I want to know who you are or I don’t get that warm feeling inside. Bob on the other hand is trying a little too hard to create that warm feeling.


bob says:

oh don’t make it subscription only, I would hate to have to use my real name (it has so many more letters then my psudeonym)

Nathan says:

I now know that bob is smart enough to use the word pseudonym but not smart enough to spell it correctly…hmmm

maddie :) says:

Of all the names you could have chosen to disguise yourself why would you chose such a cliched one as Bob. i mean “BOB”…could you have thought of anything more original?
John Citizen

Anonymous says:

OH. and. About the DVDS….YOU OWN SHAUN OF THE DEAD?! I love the cast.

Sara says:

Name searching on Google in hilarious! Among other boring occupations, definite highlights include New York Fashion designer, pro snowboarder, author (one book which is titled: The Ornamental Grass Kit!) and waste management journalist (*add amusing pun here*).
But saving the best until last, my namesake is an extra on Napolean Dynamite! How funny!
On a realated, though more serious note, I found a Sara who wrote a book titled United Methodist Worship… strange considering I rated 2nd highest as a Methodist according to the questionaire (Reformed Evo ranked number one, yay!). Perhaps I’m simple, but can someone explain the differences in the denominations mentioned to me? I had enough trouble understanding some of the questions…

Aaron says:

i had to do that whole searching for your name thing when doing some assignment at uni. I found a lot of mine brought up people with diseases. Go figure.

Nath, did it ever occur to you that you’re the only Nathan in townsville that actually keeps a blog?

Ben Eastgate says:

I gave Chris your godfather box set, and he said he would give it to you.

So its not my fault :)

Can you post pictures of the house once cleaned? It would be something to show my grandchildren.