Farewell good and faithful servant

Pluto is no more. Well it’s still there. But now that it has no “planet” status is anyone going to care? The process, or act, of deplaneting a large orbiting object is interesting and probably sets a dangerous precedent. Who gave International Astronomical Union the final say over planetary status? I didn’t. Did you? I heard recently that you can purchase yourself a star in the solar system from a particular company who claim to own them. How does that work? I think I’ll start selling blocks of land on Neptune (for the non astronomy buffs out there – Neptune is gaseous)* Space is a funny business. The last great frontier (presumably the bottom of the ocean isn’t great – nobody seems to have claimed land in the depths of the sea yet either). But I digress…

I’ve written an obituary for Pluto (and by I’ve written I mean I’m writing it now – and you’re reading it after I wrote it – which means it happened in the past. Unless you invented a time machine and some how breached the space time continuum (wow space and time travel – this post is a geek’s dream))…

Pluto was a loyal and trustworthy companion. Dogs are not only a man’s best friend but a mouse’s as well. When John Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men he should have penned the sequel “Of Mice and Men and their Dogs.” There were many occasions where Pluto came to my rescue…

Actually confusing the planet with the Disney character isn’t as funny as I’d hoped it would be. To continue in that vein would be to flog the proverbial dead horse – or in this case dead dog… or rather, dead planet. Flogging an inanimate object is futile. So I’ll stop. In fact I’m not really able to work up a full head of steam over Pluto’s demotion into the “Dwarf Planet” category – except to say that it strikes me as a little politically incorrect to have a problem with “dwarf” status. I mean at the end of the day dwarf planets are like every other planet – just horizontally and vertically challenged.

Mmm. Clearly I should spend more time writing stupid stuff and less time on Press Releases, election briefs and other serious matters.

*I’m not claiming to be an astronomy buff – I had to track down a gaseous planet for the purpose of that joke. And by joke I mean statement.

15 thoughts on “Farewell good and faithful servant”

  1. I wonder how many million years it will be before pluto crashes into neptune. Then we will only have 7 planets and the debate will be settled.

  2. As I understand it, it wasn’t the size that was the killer, it was the “clearing the neighbouring space”, though this has created some contention anyway as several of the “planets” have rubble that orbits with them. NBC’s snippet.

    Also, if Neptune and Pluto collide (more like “Neptune sucks!” when it crosses the ecliptic near Pluto) Neptune probably wouldn’t even notice, so there’d still be 8 planets, but the debate would be resolved. Another view.

  3. The Grammar Nazi

    What? They de-planetized Pluto? They can’t DO that! I’m going to complain to someone. Like, maybe the Queen of England.
    This is an outrage! I feel like all that time I spend memorizing the planet names in primary school has been invalidated.

  4. Good point by Mark.

    And Nathan, I”ll buy a block of land on Neptune. Then I’ll build my brother a house on it that he can go and live in.

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