Feeling Blue

I apologise for the title. Some times there’s nothing wrong with the obvious. Here are the three reasons Queensland won tonight:

1. They played very well
2. New South Wales were rubbish, mostly because of point 1, partly because of point 3.
3. Brett Finch is a gimp.

New South Wales took terrible options in attack and had an atrocious completion rate. There were way too many long, floating passes to no one in particular. And the Blues forwards were outmuscled and out enthused. And Queensland’s halves were halves. That probably helps.

Some people have complained that my posts are too long these days. I think those people should check out this site here.

That’s all I have to say for tonight.

Except that I think people should go out to their nearest, or most trusted, CD shop and purchase something by Lior. Lior is brilliant. And not at all gay, despite what my sister might have suggested at one point. That might be the sister who has posted a picture of a model as her profile picture…


Findo says:

Wow, for the first time ever we weren’t bombarded with news stories about Origin! Finally we are realising what real football is!

Mark says:

I didn’t see Finch limping, but then I didn’t see him do much of anything except get a ball stolen from him that led to a try.

Who is Lior?

Nathan says:

Lior is an Australian singer/songwriter/one man show.

He’s fairly new and fairly good.

If Jack Johnson could sing and play guitar, and had Jewish heritage, he’d pretty much be Lior.

Andrew (weather nut) says:

i think the real reasons that queensland won are :

1. qld is sooooooo much better then nsw
2. nsw is sooooooo much worse then qld

tautologies rock.

Leah says:

I think Queensland just scared NSW. No joke. The looks on some of the blue’s faces were nothing short of hilarious. THey didn’t know what hit them.

mel says:


jo says:

P.s did anyone from townsville ask you if that was really a picture of me?

jo says:

Just checking that my picture is gone. no point having it now that everyone knows it isn’t me

jo says:

Nath, I can’t believe you’ve only just caught on to Lior. Us in Brisbane knew about him ages ago. and for the record, I never said he was gay. I think I said to maddie don’t just go and buy a CD till you know what the words to a song are about. Which is good advice, who ever knew that the song ‘your woman’ by white town was about some gay person – I used to love it until i found out what it was about.

Listen to the song Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel and you soon realise it is not half as innocent as the cheery tune makes it sound.

I never said he was gay at all!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan says:


I went to see Lior live early last year. I bought his CD last week.

Nathan says:

When have I ever not been on the cutting edge of the music scene.

jo says:

You have left youself wide open for a public embarrassment here if I answer your question….I won’t do it but you know what I’m talking about.

Nathan says:

Do you mean when I bought the Backstreet Boys CD. I was young and confused… musically that is. I’ve always been completely straight…

Steve says:

Nathan you don’t have to justify anything to us..

But i was wondering why you changed my homepage on my computer to your blog?

Aren’t enough people reading it already?

Also does anyone on here know what a chupacabra is?

Nathan says:

Some kind of desert dwelling animal referenced in Red Vs Blue.

Well Steve, you did say you wanted to start reading intelligent things this year, so I was just trying to help out.

The Grammar Nazi says:

I would have thought it was obvious what Whitetown’s “Your Woman” song was about.
Why else would a dude be singing “I could never be your woman”?
…unless of course the song was originally written for a girl and he happened to like it. Kinda like when Joan Baez sings Bob Dylan.

Leah says:

To Jo: “Cecilia” ever sounded innocent? There isn’t an awful lot of music to be listening to as opposed to lyrics when listening to Simon and Garfunkel. But it is a tad funny for one of those “stop-and-liste-to-the-lyrics” situations.

Oh, and Nathan- about last night. Brett Finch was hardly NSW’s biggest problem. Y’know… we could talk about Willie Mason and Matt King’s lack of line breaks… Mark Gasnier getting bulldozed by newbie Adam Mogg (that was just funny), and, say, the whole NSW team not even knowing what they were doing…

(Yeah, that’ll shut Benny Elias up.) (And Gus!!)

Scott says:

Wow – what a discussion.

We’ve gone from football, to Lior, to football, to modelling, to music, to homosexuality, to made-up words that wouldn’t have any application to everyday life (chupacabra), to Nathan’s egocentricity (I was wondering how long it would take) and back to confusion with gender identity.

But fortunately Leah’s brought us all back down to Earth to tie it up with football again.

It almost makes me wish I’d watched the game…

But not quite.

jo says:

HEY GUESS WHAT!!!! I don’t think it is gay after all:

When I saw my best friend yesterday
She said she never liked you from the start
Well me, I wish that I could claim the same
But you always knew you held my heart

And you’re such a charming, handsome man
Now I think I finally understand
Is it in your genes? I don’t know
But I’ll soon find out, that’s for sure
Why did you play me this way

Well I guess what you say is true
I could never be the right kind of girl for you

jo says:

I can go back to liking that song
it is a woman with a really deep voice or a man singing from a womans perspective

Nathan says:

Jo – What if it’s a gay guy with a female best friend?

Leah – I know they say when a half doesn’t perform you have to blame the forwards, but in this case I think Finch’s poor form came first. He didn’t adjust to Queensland’s line speed. Throwing looping cut out passes to no one – or a forward who’s not hitting the ball at speed – is hardly going to generate line breaks. Time and time again balls floated into opposition hands or just hit the deck. The other half of Finch’s passes were the textbook “hospital pass.” I don’t just blame him, Anasta was also terrible. The highlight of Finch’s game for me was when he ran across the park dummying to nobody (and pretending he had a short passing game) before Berrigan stripped it out of his hands.

I know Queensland played well, and their forwards dominated, but the blame for the inept New South Wales attack falls squarely on the shoulders of Mr Brett Finch.

Scooter – they are comments on a post about football. I’m not sure when people are going to realise that my egocentricity is largely ironic… I think. But maybe not, if a comment on football can generate discussion on such a wide range of subjects maybe I’m as good as I think I am.

jo says:

1. find out what the song is really about if you like @ http://www.whitetown.co.uk/faq/
it turns out that it is a litte bit of both and more and it totally bizarre! I don’t think i can continue to like it with a clean conscience.

2. The origin was a let down for me as soon as I saw Matt King walk on with his STUPID afro!

88K says:

I know this is a little late, but in spanish a “chupacabra” would be a “goat sucker” ???