From the Sydney Morning Herald

Rooney’s energy could produce 16 cuppas
The energy generated by British soccer dynamo Wayne Rooney as he sprints around the pitch during a match is enough to boil water for 16 cups of tea, according to research published.
David James of Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sports Exercise Sciences calculated the 21-year-old Manchester United and England striker produced 6,700 kiloJoules of energy, equivalent to 1.86 kilowatt/hours of electricity.
This, he said, was also enough to light an average house for 90 minutes – the length of an average match – or run a standard television for six and a half hours.
The research for energy utility E.ON UK is part of a program to try to raise awareness in schools of energy usage in the face of the global warming crisis caused by burning fossil fuels for power and transport.


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Nathan says:

see, the only reason I posted that story – apart from it being strangely appealing was to give anonymous another opportunity to tell me how hot I am.

Stewart says:

well, aside from that useful aspect, I think it’s very interesting… and another possible renewable energy source – couldn’t we get some poor, jobless humans out there to run treadmills all day to produce electricity? Solve third-world poverty by providing jobs and solving the clean energy issue… except for all the carbon dioxide that the workers would exhale during their shift. And there might be some ethical issues there too…

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stewart – you are as stupid as movember

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Nathan has threatened to reveal my identity if I continue to insult stewart.
So in the spirt of pre-emption I have two things to say:
1. stewart – you are a jackass!
2. my name is Jon Ray.

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Anonymous – that’s funny enough for me not to reveal your identity for a little while longer.

miriam says:

nathan…are you sure that your ‘paintball’ injury is not in fact a lovebite?!