Free speech and criticism

It seems that these days everyone’s a critic. I decided to post the following bits of criticisim from Mel and Sara in the interest of a free press, in a brutal body blow to the concept of blog censorship (I’m not sure it’s really an issue – some blogs need to be censored), and to promote freedom of speech. I really want to make sure that no one misses out on these gems – I really do value your feedback and opinions (that is to say I place value on them – not I hold them in high regard).

Sara says…
“This isn’t exactly what I had in mind Nathan when you said you might mention me in your blog… Oh well, I probably shouldn’t make assumptions. Really, I should have guessed how imprudently impudent you are. (I looked those words up in a Thesaurus, does that disprove Nath labelling me uneducated? And another thing, don’t unintiated and ignorant mean the same thing? So really, aren’t you just repeating yourself for the sake of making yourself look more intelligent? It could be similar to saying that your post alludes and insinuates that Mel and myself are uninformed. While each word had its own distiction, in this instance it’s clear that they both mean the same thing.)Now how am I going at proving my acumen? On a lighter note, CB; you’re a champ! Thanks for sticking up for us!”

Sara wrote that comment on Sunday evening. She was so passionate about getting everything perfect that she was late to church. I’m afraid looking up a thesaurus does not further your argument Sara. There would also be a subtle distinction between uninitiated and ignorant, but I can’t be bothered making it up. I apologise if you feel I either alluded or insinuated that you were ignorant. I meant to say it outright. That’s not true, it was just a good punch line.

Mel said…
“Nathan – you egotistical pig!It was great having you back… but may also be great you’ve left – I just read the blog & if you were still here, you’d be injured or dead…DON’T EVER COME CRYING TO ME ABOUT BEING SICK – I WON’T HELP YOU! My university degree mustn’t be enough to prove i have some intelligence, so I won’t use it to help you. You don’t need big words to be intelligent. I read plenty of books – maybe even more than you! I don’t see the use in talking myself up by pretending to sound smart. (Unlike some)Sara & I are intelligent.. perhaps you are just too thick to see it. Our suggestion was to make it more reader friendly – not so wordy… Or pretentious. Thanks CB – you are great!”

Mel, maybe I sound smart because I am? I’m not sure a university degree really says anything about anyone’s intelligence any more than owning a tractor says something about a person’s farming ability.

So, there you have it, according to Mel and Sara, I’m an egotistical, impudent, imprudent, and pretentious pig. On the other hand CB is a great champ.

For the record – all I did to encourage such thinking was refer to a conversation in which certain parties suggested that my blog was too intellectual for them. Obviously these people missed all the fart jokes, nudie runs, and other low brow content contained in the archives of

For the record, my blog now contains a stirring 27,000 words. That’s over half a Mills and Boon novel.


CB says:

How do you know how many words are in a Mills and Boon novel?

Scott says:

He picked it up and it felt about twice as heavy as his brain.

Mel says:

scott – you’re funny! But I doubt his brain would weight that much.

Ahh, Nathan – do you miss me? hahahahaha!

Anonymous says:

Over half a Mills & Boon novel in quantity, and under half the quality.

Nathan says:

At QUT they teach the stuff that matters.

Mills and Boon novels are approximately 50,000 words long. If you are published you get paid $40,000. That’s 80c a word.

Nathan says:

why would I run to you if I get sick when Scooter is here and he can help me out. Running to Brisbane for pharmaceutical advice seems like a silly idea to me.

Madd says:

Mills and Boon would probably be more entertaining.

Nathan says:


jo says:

Nathan, they say blood runs thicker than water, so really I should side with you….but I just took some aspirin so I no longer have to. (sic) – (I know pharmacy students, dont correct me) anyway point being that I think you are rude and should say sorry to Mel and Sara

Nathan says:

sorry for what? All I did was repeat the things they already said…

jo says:

I meant for the origional post

Nathan says:

I was taken out of context… all I did was simplified my blog in response to reader feedback.

Anonymous says:

you sound like a guilty politician nathan, that is blaming his constituent’s inability to understand on his apparent fraudulent behaviour.

CB says:

anonymous – there were lots of big words in there, you might need to explain them to Nathan…

Nathan says:

Isn’t a constituent something to do with mashed potato?

Mark says:

I found Mills and Boon books a great way to start our fire. I don’t think your blog can match that.

Scott says:

I like mashed potato. It must be all the constituents.

More importantly, Nathan – what’s your email address? I need to ask you to sing this Sunday at church. You said you might if Steve played drums, and I think Steve’s playing drums. Let me know –

Nathan says:

That’s a brave act putting your email address up there Scott. A lot of the people who read this blog are stalkers. My email address is nm.campbell(at)

I’d be happy to sing this weekend provided the songs are easy.

Scott says:

Stalkers, Nathan? Come on…

Why would they waste their time here?

Stalker says:

Cause i got no thing better to do..


mel says:

Jo – HAHAHA! I understood your aspirin joke! great work. Nathan – if you dont’t understand it – get your pharmacy friend to explain it to you. he may have to dumb it down for you a bit.

I think Sara deserves an apology more than i do.. She just happened to be sitting next to me when i commented on your blog.

Nathan says:

aspirin thins the blood. Everyone knows that. It also helps sick goldfish.

Sara needs to be more careful choosing who she sits next to.

Louise says:

Miriam where are you? I’m missing your light hearted comments.

Leah says:

Ohh. Don’t worry Nathan. I don’t think you did anything awful… I mean, all you did was acquiesce to their request, didn’t you?
(Means, “comply with”.)
Haha, score 1 for the Pirates of the Caribbean reference.
And Mel and Sara… don’t think I am simply siding with Nathan because I see him every Sunday and Wednesday… but I have been in your position oh so many times (ie. people taking what I say and managing to pick on me for it), that I have pretty much become immune to it and can see the humour in it… especially when it happens to other people :D

(Just kidding.)

Nathan says:


I wouldn’t expect that being in a position where you see me weekly on Sunday and Wednesday nights would lead to you leaping to my defence…

Mel used to see me on a Sunday and Wednesday nights and look where that got her…

Mark says:

You could say it contributed to the person she is today…

mel says:

Thanks for your words of wisdom Leah. But fortunately I don’t get offended by Nathan very often, I’ve known him for years. In fact, often I go looking for a “discussion” (arguement), because it is so easy to get him fired up. Nathan – I’m sure you’d agree with this. No one to argue with down here anymore!

Now, I take it from stories he has told me that he still likes to get into disputes. Soccer in townsville sounds interesting. 3 fights in one match I heard! Ahh brings back memories. (ask him about the Coffee Club incident)

Nathan says:

I never get fired up about anything. The only way I’d be fired up about something would be if I was actually on fire.

I think you’re getting our roles confused.

Steve says:

Lol –> the coffee club incident..

Anonymous says:

How funny is the chaser!

Scott says:

Aspirin does not thin the blood. That’s a dirty lie and anyone who tells you otherwise is a dirty liar (QED).

Aspirin simply reduces the blood’s ability to coagulate properly, when the proper stimuli are applied. Which is completely different to thinning it.

Thus spake the pharmacy student.

Sara says:

Upon reflection, my post probably makes me sound like a but of a git. Oh well. Thanks to everyone who stood up for Mel and myself, especially Jo for defying family blood! And thank you Nathan, I now feel sufficiently famous.

Now, to something a bit more important- I can’t decide where to go on Saturday night, so I’m casting a vote! Entries close Friday night. Reply via email.

CB says:

Good job Scooter. I didn’t want to have to explain the ‘aspirin doesn’t thin your blood’. Shane would be proud of you.