Introducing Blogging by demand…

I received an email from MIP that piqued my interest today. He suggested a particular topic that he would like to see me address within the confines of my blog. I won’t comment on the content at this stage. But it gave me an interesting idea.

I’m now taking requests for topics or issues to turn my attention to. Please feel free to leave suggestions on the comments pages of my blog as I check them regularly. It’ll be like cash for comment only I’m not being paid.

27 thoughts on “Introducing Blogging by demand…”

  1. Topic Suggestion:

    Efficacy of nudie runs in

    A) attracting attention;
    B) tittilating the masses; and
    C) making a statement.

  2. Look Miriam! Nudie runs made it onto another blog comment… we should see how long this could be kept up for…

  3. Though in hindsight, I don’t know if going to google and searching for “nudie runs” is something to encourage…

    One of those “team america” moments.

  4. i happen to know that there’s some sort of streaker’s club that has a website somewhere.

    Shouldn’t you girls be like working and stuff…

    Having my blog feature on google for nudie runs would attract a whole new calibre of commentor I suspect.

  5. Bah, “moderate Schizotypal Personality Disorder”… Should stop doing these tests…

  6. Nathan – what’s your most embarrassing moment (and you can’t say ‘being related to Miriam)? Does it involve

    a. nudie runs
    b. skinny dipping
    c. a personality disorder
    d. a,b&c

  7. Apparently I’m moderate Obsessive-Compulsive. Who’d have guessed.

    Miriam, some people have a thing with clothes… apparently that is not an issue for you?

    I am lacking inspiration for the nudie challenge. Do you know that there is a juice called nudie?

  8. Footloose and fancy free I say, CB. Especially in Melbourne – who needs clothes in a climate like this!

    I’ve heard of ‘nudie’ juice too. I wonder if their labelling gives us the bare (heeheehee) facts about what’s in their juice product. You know, there are just so many companies out there these days that seem to try to cover-up the naked truths of their products. It’s just not natural. Just ask Nathan’s Swedish friend.

  9. If we post a comment on here more than once a day, does this mean we should get new jobs?

  10. Nathan. Your blog is leading us all astray.

    CB, make the most of it while you don’t! Can’t believe how view and far between holidays are these days. Unbelieveable. (Maybe this requires another nudie run?)

  11. For all intents and purposes (note not intensive purposes) – cb has a job – she’s just not paid. Sucks to be a med student.

  12. I know… to think I was deciding between Med and journalism… (where I could talk rubbish all day AND get paid for it!)

  13. maybe you could blog about changing tyres in the dark? or did you think of that one already?

  14. Mitchell Grivins – How dare you suggest such a thing. Neither myself, nor any of the people I know would ever do a nudie in a shopping trolley.

    Particularly not in a small urban centre like Grafton late on a Friday night.

    That’s just not the kind of classy thing people I know do…

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