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So… who took my Motor Ace CDs? I remember lending them to someone but I can’t remember who. I figure this is as good a forum as any for chasing down lost property. Feel free to post anything you’re missing in the comments page. Material possessions only please, not personality traits, Matt I’m afraid they won’t be able to find your charisma anywhere. That joke could have been directed at anyone. Hopefully Matt can take it… and he did suggest I should start hugging echidnas.

There’s not really much news here at the moment. It’s been quiet at work for the last couple of days, I can now catch up on my employee induction procedures and do all the background reading on our major projects.

I’m going garage sale shopping tomorrow. Last time I was up here I did a little bit of treasure hunting with Tim and Katrina (new AFES staffworkers up here). Katrina was horrified when I made snide comments about some terrible stuff that was being sold. Tomorrow she has a girl’s breakfast so it will just be Tim and me. I plan to be noisily critical of anything tacky being sold. I will try to get photos of the most offensive items with my phone. I may even buy the worst bit of glassware and offer it as a prize in some blog related contest. That’ll get the hits up. Hopefully one day my blog will be more popular than google. There are two ways I can see this happening – Google may experience a sharp downturn in popularity as a result of revelations about the sweatshop like conditions they have set up for employees in third world countries. Or I could experience a sharp upturn in popularity, achieving global fame and use the blog as my method of maintaining my connection with you ordinary, common, everyday folk. Neither of these are likely to happen. Even with the incentive of kitchy 70s crockery.

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  1. Isn’t Blogger owned by Google?

    Instead of having to go to Garage Sales (I have a friends who has an addiction to them.. either that or his GPS is stuffed) you should try living next to a charity bin.. we’ve got some cool stuff so far…

  2. Hey, I resemble that remark! I have suspicions that my charisma ran away with yours to start the world’s most boring cult.

    Are you really looking to buy a garage sale?

    I also think you meant “kitschy”… it’s a good thing for you that you can edit your post and consequently make my comment look stupid.

  3. I also lost $60 in Alice Springs in 1993. If anybody has three red, rectangular banknotes with “20” on them I would appreciate you returning them. Thanks.

  4. No, I meant Kitchy – as in stuff for the kitchen.

    The garage sale joke would have been funny if you’d said “do you really want to buy a garage”

    Or, if I’d spelt sale wrong and put garage sail you could have made a joke about garages and boats. However I did not, have not, and will not make a mistake on MY blog. Because it’s mine.

    Honestly though – I edited that post to add an apostrophe – but I doubt anyone would have noticed the mistake.

  5. Shoe shopping = shopping for shoes.
    Garage shopping = shopping for garages.
    Garage sale shopping = ???

    3nuff 541d

  6. On the subject of lost property that belongs to you:
    are you missing your office series dvds? they are obviously missing from your collection because they are in mine but if you arent missing them being in your collection I am willing to keep them for you.

  7. i also have a box of your coloured pencils (those ones that have no wood) but knowing your artistic ability i’m guessing you won’t want them back…unless you want to draw a picture of the girl you want to take out and give it to her for, like, a gift or something….then again maybe you should build her a cake instead.

  8. Jo,

    Are you sure you’ve got the DVDs – I have the box on my DVD shelf at home – I better make sure the disks are in it.

  9. Hmm, if the drawing or cake don’t work as Jo suggested, in a last ditch effort, I find nothing works better than busting your groove to a bit of Jamiroqui, I hear Canned Heat is a great track…

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