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I have had it. I’m putting up a fite. I couldn’t sit by any longer and not bite.* This blite can go no further. I can’t stand the site** of the word “nite.” I mite* have been prepared to let it slide if it were restricted to text messages and sms… but no. Now it’s serious. If I see one more sign advertising “one nite” DVD rental, one nite rates, et al, I will tear down the signs and do bad things to them (again doing bad things to inanimate objects is a hollow threat – particularly if it’s a drum – instead I’m going to carry a red marker around and correct the grammar on said signs (or sines?). Do it rite or don’t do it at all I say…No longer will I stay silent on the bastardisation of the English language.

I just don’t understand. How is night that much more complex to wright(sic) (haha…). It’s two letters people. TWO LETTERS***. I mean sure, if you’re texting and have a sore thumb abbreviate by all means. But to change the constitution of a word in your advertising is ludicrous. It borders on negligence. I heard a funny story the other day from Mr Scooter (who needs to update his blog – I’m sick of reading the same post on my daily perusal…) about a teacher who incorrectly corrected some spelling – I won’t bore you with the details. Needless (that word looks a lot like needles – an s can change everything) to say it was horrific and terrifying – what sort of people do we let into the classroom these days. I read an interesting article about teachers and the slipping academic standards the other day – it turns out that lots of people are becoming teachers who shouldn’t (and some are becoming teachers who should – and that evens up the balance somewhat – but what about the children not in that good teacher’s class).

Please feel free to share your educational horror stories…

*actually correct – a bight being something quite different altogether.

** again – technically correct provided I can’t stand the location of the word nite – wherever it occurs.

*** I just broke an unwritten law for my blog and capitalised two entire words – it was for emphasis only – I received an email from someone the other day completely in capitals which is apparently quite rude… more rude would have been to send an email completely in wingdings… I guess there are other implications for an email that looks something like this !#@#$%

September 1, 2006

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Anonymous says:

capitals are akin to yelling, as I understand it.

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matt says:

what about the children not in that good teachers class

Why would children be in a class full of teachers anyway?

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

Nathan says:

nicely picked up. I was just seeing who was paying attention… does that fly? Maybe the ‘ was lost in the email to blog transition.

Leah says:

A substitute teacher I had in grade 6 changed the spelling of one of my words from the right spelling to the wrong spelling. So I went and complained. She looked up the dictionary. And I was right. Yay. (In case you were curious, which I know you weren’t, it was the word “rapt”. Even though she knew the context I was using it in, she still thought it should be spelt “wrapped”.)

I hate Australians using American spelling too. Like color, mom, anything with “ize” (instead of “ise”, like “realize” vs “realise”). Or people saying “zee” not “zed”. We’re in Australia, people! AUSTRALIA! SPEAK AUSTRALIAN!! (Yes, that’s intended to be yelling.)If we were to get started on pronunciations, we’d be here all day.

Ooooh, and it annoys me when people mix up “too/to/two”, “there/their/they’re”, “your/you’re”, “where/wear/ware/we’re” etc.

Bad grammar and spelling is basically one of my pet peeves. Being an internet junkie, I have to get used to it. (10 points for whoever finds the grammatical error in that sentence.)

Leah says:

* (10 points for whoever finds the grammatical error in that paragraph.)

Nathan says:

I would suggest that bad grammar and spelling are two of your pet peeves… they are separate

Daniel says:

Thanks once again for raising the important issues on your blog!

But whilst we’re here … since when has “low in fat” been spelled “lite”?

Also, as your first Anon poster said, you should up with the Web 2.0 generation and start using an RSS reader to save yourself time reading news/blogs/comic strips. (Read here for more about RSS)

leah says:

Look at the last two entries on the page. (Second last one of particular interest)

leah says:


(I put random “enters” in there so it would publish the whole address, so you’ll have to take those spaces out.)

And yeah you were right about the grammatical error Nathan…

Susie says:

i once had a teacher tell me doctor was spelt docter.

mel says:

I have a confession. The use of SMS has screwed up some of my spelling abilities. Example – Tomorrow. Sometimes I forget how to spell it without using the easier form of 2moro. Pathetic I know!

I had a grade 5 teacher who was the most stupid teacher I have ever met. He couldn’t spell or do maths. All he could talk about was football. So, being the smarty pants I was (and probably still am), I used to make him think he was going crazy by hiding things from him. It kept me entertained for hours. Bad news is that he is still wrecking the education of many children at the same school. (just ask my sister)

Andrew F says:

I hate txt language. I never use it. Except the word Thru. But only that one. Short sentences are cool.

So are we getting a post on the Steve Irwin debacle? (it is quite sad and rather bizarre really)

Anonymous says:

Poor steve. that was a sting in the tail

Anonymous says:

sorry – poor taste

Anonymous says:

Who is ‘the guy whos name rhymes with everything’?

Is that you Rick?

Anonymous says:

Well.. I have to admit to some ‘new’ teaching techniques since being required to teach grade 7 English classes – my use of ‘listen to how it sounds and work out if it’s right’ and reading the same sentence three times differently to figure it out for myself has really taught me one important thing about teaching – BUY THE ANSWER BOOK!
(btw my husband is not to blame for not knowing that Thru is actually an alternative for through… in use far longer than mobile phones :-)