Only in America… (another gem from the SMH)

It seems friendly fire isn’t all that friendly. A DEA undercover agent from America had a first hand experience of the military oxymoron when he was giving a lecture on gun safety to a room full of children last year. A parent was on hand to capture the lecture on film. Filming undercover agents is a bad thing to do. Particularly if your home movie is going to make it onto the internet and onto millions of computer screens. This poor chap can’t work anymore and he certainly won’t be asked to give gun safety lectures. This video has caused me no shortage of amusement. I love the part just before he pulls the trigger when he says “I’m the only one in this room professional enough to be handling this weapon.” He displayed some form of professionality by continuing the lecture with a bullet lodged firmly in his thigh. The Herald gave some details on the aftermath of the incident.


Anonymous says:

First one to typ a comment!

Pretty interesting stuff smelly, I’ll give it a try and see if my little computer can handle the movie..

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hmmm. seems no one is able to come up with a witty response for this posting. times like these call for yo mamma jokes…..

Anonymous says:

dangit that guy’s an idiot. No wonder that more ppl die each year in america from guns that all those that died in 9/11. He should take his guns back to whichever bank he got them from…

matt says:

I particularly like when, after shooting himself, he picks up the really big gun and one of the kids yells out “Put it down!”

matt says:

Maddie, what happened to your blog-squatting? I haven’t heard much from you here lately.

Mel (maddie) says:

I am starting up a new section of this blog titled “Ask Mel.” Please feel free to post questions about anything and i will get back to you ASAP with an answer of some discription- NO REFUNDS if it is faulty, or not what you were looking for. This comment was ghost written by Madeleine Campbell, under the direction of Melanie.

Nathan C says:

HI mel. I was just wondering…how do you make someone fall in love with you?

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Dear ask m & m, How much fibre should i have in my diet? obviously in hind sight a whole jar of metamucil provides just too much for one day. awaiting your reply

TDD-mel says:

WOW. A question to answer already! Well NC (aka desparate in Townsville) personally i suggest the Stockholm Syndrome Method (SSM). Kidnapping is a great way to begin a life long relationship, especially if the police don’t catch you. Make sure you provide the captive with excellent food, clothing and shelter, they’ll be head over heels in love in no time!
Mel the date doctor (TDD)

mc says:

WEll. The blog squatter returns by request! AMAZING! Today was fine and dandy…didn’t do much but work. Then i attended bible study! It was lovely. That brings me to the present. I am still there and we all enjoyed watching the police video…very humourous. I would also like to bring to everyones attention that Mel P’s cat is still missing. If found please post a message here. That’s all from me…not much happening really…i will keep in touch via this blog spot comment zone.
Signing out…MC- THE BLOG SQUATTER_001(TBS)

psilent letterg ftanatic says:

PI’ve takgen upt addzing silentb letzters tro EVERYTHINGb. Nwo otne cagn telbl whesn you’reg speakding butb psecretly i knowb i amb sdoing itl all dthe timeg!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Nathan says:

Does anyone have any better suggestions for an answer to nathan c’s question?

Why does Nat Carse need to know that anyway – Wendy has been in love with him for years.

TDD - mel says:

Thanks for your question ANON. (fibre challanged).
Fibre – who needs it? Its just a conspiracy brought out by cereal companies to make you buy their stuff. If you are sucked into this belief please take up Derryn Hinch’s Fibre challenge. Your bowels may thank you later.
Really – fibre in excess may be deadly (Called the Cereal Killer)
Hope my advice helped you clear this up.
Mel (The Diet Doctor – TDD)

mad says:

ok…honestly….i bet thousands of readers out there didn’t know CIAO was pronounced CHOW….i mean seriously…well, excpet maybe the silent letter fanatic…but, it doesnt even look anything like how CHOW is pronounced.

Anonymous says:

did nath just try to pretend a comment he made was actually made by Nat Carse…a pathetic attempt at disguising your own question. Next time comment as anonymous Nathan Campbell

Nathan says:

see when I post there’s a link to my profile… it is a question that I may have posted myself had someone not pretended to be me. The winning suggestion gets a free prize – whatever you like, but it has to rhyme with orange.

Aaron says:

I think Mel TDD had it write. WOW smiley. You need to play WoW. It statistically works. Look at Dave and I. ok well not really, don’t play it, its a terrible game that wastes your life.

I think you should work on being more challenging.
Do I get the prize, I want a meeting with Mr Gorange, he was a teacher at my old school. I’d have a few words to say to him now about the education I received.

Anonymous says:

Wow, thanks for that great advice Date Doctor – You must have had great success yourself! Could we take it a step back though; how do you find the right person to begin with? I mean, I can’t just go around taking everyone hostage, just to see if they’re ‘the one.’
Hoping you can impart some of your your experience and wisdom

Anonymous says:

how to find the right person? What do you mean. Wait for someone to find you! Its like the game Sardines. You should be the person that hides, then everyone else has to come and find you.