Piece offering

Some anonymous people apparently don’t like my long winded posts – so I’ll kick off today’s entry with an update on life in Townsville and follow that up with the second blog by demand entry. Today’s topic comes courtesy of CB Jr.

But before I go off offending anyone by writing about something that I might want to write about I’ll write about myself. No wonder people think I’m arrogant (I took that survey that Matt advertised on his blog and in the comments page – the one identifying potential personality disorders apparently there’s a chance I’m narcisstic but other than that I’m a pretty low chance of having any personality at all).

I’m currently reassessing my sleep patterns. I’m sick of being tired. I’m thinking I might start going to bed earlier so that I can get up with enough time to do productive stuff in the morning – I’m even planning to take up swimming when a new lagoon complex thing opens up around the corner from my house in a few weeks.

Church is cool. People here are nice. My grade 12 boys are a refreshing change from the previous groups of younger people I may have been involved with in the past. Our young adults group took a week off for the State of Origin. I feel no need to gloat about the State of Origin – I’ll just continue to let the results speak for themselves.

I do miss people from MPC – so don’t feel like I’ve just gone out and replaced you all. I’m coming back to visit in a couple of weeks and if Steve decides to relax his team regulations I’m keen to make a return to the Baptist League for one week only. There you go Steve – now everyone who reads my blog will blame you if I don’t get to play. Did I mention that Steve is cool, mature and devastatingly handsome (and single as far as I know). That ought to do the trick.

Work is also fun. My manager has returned from maternity leave and is currently ensuring that I know exactly what I’m meant to be doing. My stand in manager is back doing her normal thing, which has relieved her of the pressure of doing about 6 different jobs at once. Sitting between two fairly dominant female types in an office where males are in the minority is a challenging prospect. I do keep a steady supply of M&Ms at hand to purchase good will and that seems to be working.

Other than that there’s been no significant progress made anywhere else. I am going fishing (and not the metaphorical type) this Friday morning at 3am with the people from Channel 10’s I Fish. I should get to be on their nationally broadcast show at some point in the future.

Ok… enough about me. Ignorant people can stop now. I mean who complains anonymously and uses an exclamation mark anyway. Some people have no class.

Cam requested I make some comment about the pros and cons of our non-round 50 cent piece. Australia’s 50 cent piece is a dodecahedron. That means it has 12 sides. I suspect 50 Cent the rapper knew this. My theory is that when he tried to decide on an MC name that encapsulated his street heritage he wanted something edgy… and what has more edges than a dodecahedron? Apparently lots of polygons do. Anyway, bad theories about US rappers aside, there are some pros and cons to a non-round coin.

I’ve heard somewhere in the past that our coins have distinctive shapes and weights so blind people don’t get confused and I think that’s a pro that should certainly be added to the discussion at some point. No one likes confusing blind people. Except this guy in a comedy sketch I saw once who crept up behind a blind man at a set of traffic lights and made the DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOT noise that they make when it’s safe to cross. Having an edge also means that if you pelt muggers/bad singers/Collingwood football players with 50 cent coins it’s more likely to draw blood and that can only be a good thing.

On the con side – flat edges mean that it’s hard to roll a 50 cent piece down the aisle in a shopping centre or boring church service. They don’t spin very well on table tops either. And I imagine there are aerodynamics issues when you flip a dodecahedron rather than a circle. So it probably plays around with the probability involved in the process somehow.

So there you have it. I’ve spoken my piece on 50 cent pieces (not including the rapper… I’ll leave that for another day).

If you saw this blog earlier you’ll have noticed it was cut off rather abruptly when I left to play paintball. I was playing with some people from WIN news. Seems there might be some jobs there soon (like tomorrow). I’ll put a picture of the bruise on my neck up at some stage in the next couple of days. I’ll wait till it looks less like a hickey. I’m not looking forward to explaining it at work tomorrow.


mip says:

I hope you catch something, it’d be embarrasing not to catch anything on national tv.

mip says:

oooh, we’ve gone to a censorship model…

freedom of speech for journalists/bloggers, not for posters.

A sad, sad, day in the history of Nathan Goes to Townsville.

Nathan says:

It seems bagging out people who comment is a surefire method of discouraging said commenting.

mip says:

And I’m Steve’s brother, don’t know if that’s a recommendation or not.

Hi Steve.

mip says:

Since it seems to have been due to technical difficulties, I’ll forgive your descent into mandatory censorship.

jo says:

Does that mean you get a job as a news reader or are they giving jobs to people other than you? If you do get a job as a news reader can you please get me a ticket to the logies next year. Not that i think the logies are good, but just incase they get the main character from either Smallville or Lost to present I would like to be there.

Nathan says:

I’m not taking up any opportunities with WIN in the near future. The job that’s available came up in somewhat controversial circumstances.

mip says:

Which newsreader got a black eye from paintball?

Tim says:

Funny how it still seemed to be a long winded entry… Are you waiting for the bruise to fade a bit so it no longer looks like a hickie as it does at the moment.

louise says:

CB and Miriam are you OK? I’m missing your comments!

Kutz says:

Sorry Nath. I’m trying, but I don’t know if I can keep up with your blogs mate!

Nathan says:

That’s alright Pete, just skim read the intros. Being the good little journalist that I am I use the inverted pyramid theory and start with the important stuff. The intro should give you a good idea whether or not the rest is worth reading.

Anonymous says:

Maybe what kutz is saying is that he only has a Sesame Street attention span and you need to do a one minute version for him rather than the Play School five minute version

Nathan says:

maybe, but because you’ve posted anonymously I’m going to ignore what you have to say.

Anonymous says:

sesame street attention span is pretty big. I mean if you try and watch it these days it is so difficult to sit there for the whole 45 minutes.

Miriam says:

See Nathan – I DO make interesting conversation. Even your mum is missing my comments!

Don’t worry Aunty Lou – I’m back!

Nathan says:

Did I ever suggest that you didn’t?

I think mum misses CB more but didn’t want to show favouritism to her over her niece.

CB says:

Don’t be silly Nathan. How could she miss me more, she’s never met me…

Incidentally, does this mean, that you can’t use the “my mum thinks I’m funny” line all the time, because she might just happen to think Miriam and I are a bit funny too?

miriam says:

1 thing:

1.CB and I are definitely funnier.

Nathan says:

At the end of the day I’m not really worried if I’m funnier than anyone else. I amuse myself and that’s the main thing.

Anonymous says:

That’s such a cop out Nathan.
Now would be an appropriate time to use an emoticon to poke my tongue out at you (:P) or to think about throwing a 50 cent piece at you just to see what happens.
Probably nothing.

CB says:

Apparently too hard…

Whoops it was me. I forgot to type my name in.