I really don’t want to write anything about the current tension playing through the ranks of the Australian Liberal Party. But I will. Actually that’s a lie. I really do want to write about it – but if I get too political here people complain – so my apparent reluctance, or reticiance, or regret, should allay those concerns. At the end of the day I don’t really care who leads the Liberal party. The real question is just how binding a conversation between two aspirants for leadership in the federal opposition about handing over the leadership that the party hadn’t yet won should be. My hunch is that there are two arguments – not very… and very… not really rocket science is it.

I’m still deciding which camp I sit in – there are all sorts of issues that can arise within 1.5 terms in office for a political party. Making a promise to hand over the reigns mid stream is stupid. No one could seriously have expected it to go ahead – which I suspect is why it has taken 12 years for the contents of the conversation to be revealed. I suspect Mr Howard just doesn’t like the idea of Mr Costello ever running the country.

The bigger issue that came out of cabinet’s meeting yesterday was the cross media ownership developments. Funnily enough Labor and the Greens both came out swinging against the reforms. Unfortunately that’s like me coming out swinging in a boxing match with… well anyone. It’s just not going to make much of an impact. When Labor, and the Greens powers combine they form Captain… unimpressive. I don’t think they understand the words “balance of power” – that’s when the government controls enough votes in the senate to pass anything. More power to them I say. Speak out all you like. Empty threats, hollow words… meaningless, meaningless. If I was Labor or the Greens I’d be saying no about a whole lot of stuff in one big non-story for the news to pick up.

No to Howard
No to whaling
No to whales
No to North Korea’s missile tests
No to Iraq

They could launch a “just say no” campaign. They need to do something. This post is now boring me. So without further ado. Goodbye.

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July 12, 2006

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Leah says:

No to hippies.
No to emos.
No to Channel 9.

Mark says:

This highlights the continual lack of recognisable and reasonable distinctives in political thought and action in Australia (which you’ve mentioned before).

Particularly in the Qld and Federal opposition parties, though the respective governments don’t strike me as immune should their positions be reversed.

“Just say, ‘No!'”, and point the finger at anything that takes the spotlight away from their own shortcomings.

It’s probably all a plot to keep Peter Costello out of the leadership – he’s coming out of all of these leadership asides looking like a spoiled kid singing,

“What about me? It isn’t fair!
I can’t get enough votes while Johnny H is still here.
Can’t you see? He’s gotta quit… for me to let Labor back in” *

* with thanks to Moving Pictures. I knew the song long before Mr Noll did anything to it.

Joel says:

Most of this is a media beat-up, as per usual. I found it very interesting to see the “quotes” that Costello apparently made, none of which had a context. I would be very interested to see the context. Probably was talking about something completely different. Like whales. Or Emos.

Either way, Costello really has to wait. Hes a great politician and he is the best treasurer australia has ever had, but hes just not ready to lead the country. I think his impatience in getting the leadership shows that more than anything.

Either way, ALP my be loving this. Well, at least I’m sure they were until they looked at the own party and then got very depressed. At least the Liberal party has a debate on the leadership between two good leaders. All the ALP has is Jaba the Hut and a bunch of ex-union thugs.

Anonymous says:

hey nathan
bored atm just finished a long shift at work all night and i thought i’ld read your blog but policitics really bore more not happy but i agree with leah no to hippies and emos but channel nine can be good hey nathan wanted to work for them

Anonymous says:


matt says:

Boring. Australian politics is as uninspiring as a blank canvas. That reminds me… nup, I can’t think of anything.

“In Australian politics, the conservatives are known as The Liberals, The Labor Party fights for less work, The Greens are more ‘red’ than anyone, and The Democrats receive the fewest votes in the whole democracy.”

matt says:

11 July 2006. Italian senator Roberto Calderoli said the French World Cup team had “in the quest for results, sacrificed its own identity by selecting blacks, Muslims and communists”.

2000. Malaysian PM Mahathir bin Mohamad called Australia the “white trash of Asia” and said “This country stands out like a sore thumb trying to impose its European values in Asia as if it is the good old days when people can shoot aborigines without caring about human rights”.

Now that’s politics.

Leah says:

Heh. On the topic of politics…

When Billy was a kid, he said “I believe all the lollies should be shared evenly among the students.”
His teacher said “That’s so lovely, Billy.”

Many years later, when grown up, Billy said “I believe all the wealth of a nation should be shared evenly among the citizens.”
The resounding response from his opponents?

Oh and greg I was only bagging out things in reference to Nathan’s previous blogs which bagged out hippies, emos and channel 9.

Mattias says:

Reticience, not reticiance.. If, what your are talking about is:
1. The state or quality of being reticent; reserve.
2. The state or quality of being reluctant; unwillingness.
3. An instance of being reticent.

Which, from the context, it seems to be. But then on the other hand you may have used a word that is very similar to reticience, but isn’t it, just to trick us, knowing you that may be a very koshery..

Don’t know much about politics though, can tell you that a previous EU-commissioner has been convicted for nepotism… (translated from Swedish…) Very interesting eh? Old quote from a Swedish, “female”, politician, not high at all on my likable-people-list: “Swedish men are like talibans”

All the politics I can take!

Kutz says:

Hi Smiz.

I love you.

Even though you have a blog.

Adam says:

Hey smiley

forgive me, I didn’t read the post cause I just got back from MYC and am really tired (but i’m sure it’s fascinating)- you missed a good one, and we missed you – but we played mafia in your honour (only twice though) and it wasn’t the same without you.