Queuing up…

It occurred to me just now that Queue is a very odd word. It strikes me that the second “ue” could, be redundant. Interesting food for thought really. Apparently it comes from the Latin word Coda… I’m not sure how that came about.

That’s all I really have to say tonight. Potentially that post could have been expanded to be quite entertaining – but if I’d made it longwinded and “intellectual” people would have complained. You can’t please everyone all of the time.

I will now shamelessly plug the second most popular blog on the internet (no one likes people arrogant enough to claim “most popular” status) – check it out here.

This blog entry is now terminated… like so many journalistic careers at Channel Nine… it’s like a skeleton (boned – which when you think about it may be appropriate terminology for describing the waif like/wafer thin host of the Today show, I’m sure Eddie was just taken out of context)… in that it probably could have done with a little more fleshing out (also like Jessica Rowe). I think I’m out of Nine jokes now… Although I didn’t have nine to begin with, it’s more like 4…


CB says:

I thought you only had 3 jokes anyway? That’s what you told us…

Mark says:


Mark says:

oh, wait, that’s economics, sorry.

Mark says:

Well, I’m not really sorry.

“inflation” just seems to be an appropriate response in so many ways.

Nathan says:

No I said I have a four joke rotation – currently featured jokes include:

1. The tractor joke
2. The camouflage pants “where are your legs” joke
3. The ask me if I’m a tea towel joke (Ask me if I’m a tea towel)
4. The “I’m a funny guy joke”

other running jokes include the long running “I’m arrogant” saga where I make people believe that I actually believe half the stuff I say about myself. The “I only have a four joke rotation” joke is also getting a little tired.

miriam says:

HA! I just went to the second most popular blog… Am bored, ok?!

What is the deal with throwing slack on the Swiss?! There is nothing wrong with us. WE don’t want to join the EU. Why should we conform?

Look at all the good stuff that has come out of there: Roger Federer, Martina Hingis, chocolate, cheese, knives, mountains, snow-related stuff, ME!

miriam says:

Just finished read the hack-on-the-Swiss blog. Switzerland is not even part of the EU.

Research, dear Nathan, research.

Nathan says:

I’d just like to point out that my nine jokes must be funny – because I looked at them almost 12 hours after I posted them and didn’t cringe.

Anonymous says:

oh yes! Roger Federer. Can you ask the swiss to export all the Roger Federer types to Australia next time you go please Miriam?

Nathan says:

As long as he takes up Australian citizenship I’ll welcome him with open arms… and of course, he’d have to keep playing tennis.