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Mmm, minimalism is the new black. I was tossing up using the word antidisestablishmentarianism in today’s heading – and it would have been in context too.

I noticed Dan posted some stuff on the RE debate the other day. Matt spends his time posting on Sweden’s dominance of the Ice Hockey world and his lack of success with getting attractive girls to talk to (or marry) him. What’s wrong with all the attractive girls out there?

There’s been a lot of stuff in the newspapers lately talking about a proposal to open up Religious Education in schools to any group who wish to be involved. The move is being driven by a group of secular humanists with heavily chipped shoulders. First of all, before I rant about why it’s such a stupid argument to be having, I’d like to ask the humanists why they don’t care about the opinions and emotional security of all the Christians they attack with their tolerant and open stance? Then I’d like to ask them what hurt they’ve experienced at the hands of genuine Christians. If you’re smart enough to kick up a stink like they are – you’re smart enough to do some research into the teachings of Christianity – any problems they have are more likely to be with the religious institution than with Christianity itself. They took another step in their battle to strike Christianity with the recent moves to remove Gideons bibles from hospitals because they might carry diseases or something. I think that pretty much sums up their position – they believe Christianity is a disease of the mind.

Now. My rant about why Christian education should be taught in schools begins here. Constitutionally Australia has no official religion (I think it’s article 16, but I’m pulling that out of nowhere so chances are I’m actually wrong – I could look it up but I can’t be bothered). The Westminster political system is built on the philosophy of the separation of powers (the people who make laws shouldn’t be the ones to enforce them because this would invariably lead to corruption). So our government is divided into the legislative, the judicial and the executive arms (the parliament, the court, the Queen (Governer General)). Because the under riding theory is that power ultimately corrupts the more separations we can create the better – so we have the upper and lower houses and federal, state, and local governments. Historically the church played a major, some would say overbearing, role in politics. This caused problems where one church group would try to kill another church group (like the Crusades or inquisitions or the protestant reformation or the current feud between the Bappos and Pressies). Political movers and shakers decided the church should be stripped of its influential position within the decision making process. In a democracy this makes sense – one interest group or belief system can’t philosophically force their will on another (unless they’re the majority). I’m all for the separation of powers and I’m all for the separation of church and state. What I’m not for is the rewriting of Australia’s history on a postmodern whim. If their argument was simply that public schools shouldn’t be using public funding to turn children into Christians that might have some merit. But it’s not. It’s stupid. Christianity, regardless of its veracity, plays a huge role in shaping our culture. It deserves a place in the educational spectrum (or curriculum) on that basis alone. One of the first things you’re taught when you study law – and I know this because I listened in first year – is that our legal system is based on a Judea-Christian model. Both our major political parties have historical ties to the church. Christian men and women played a huge part in bringing our society to the point its at today and these secular humanists want to spit on that legacy. The only reason they can legitimately take the stance they are today is because of the system they operate in – because it was created by Christians. Try going to a system based on Sharia law and see how far your secular humanism gets you. Some people are stupid.

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  1. The irony of the secular humanists wanting to get 30 minutes/week of classroom time is that they already “get” 1470 minutes/week.

    Seriously, they’re crying over spilt milk!

  2. A little off the topic, but along similar lines nonetheless – I heard on the radio this morning that Bibles are being banned from Victorian hospitals on the account that they help spread disease. What a cop out.

  3. Here you go, 16 was not a bad guess considering law was a few years ago.

    116. The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

  4. Oops – I beg your pardon Nathan. I didn’t read your blog properly. I see that you did mention the Bibles in hospitals. I guess what I heard on the news is pretty relevant to your blog then.

  5. On another topic entirely (though I think it fits with “some people are just stupid”) I’m cynically amused by another entry on Dan’s blog
    about the outsourced call centre for dial-a-prayer.

  6. As if Bibles carry disease any more than anything else in the hospitals. Hospital acquired infections are huge – and let me tell you, it’s sure not due to the bibles…

  7. Actually on that though they should also be banning people from hospitals, if they are suddenly so concerned with infections.

  8. I agree CB. Biggest cop out in the world. They just are looking for another excuse with this. Maybe this requires another nudie run? (Although, given the amount of starkas people in hospitals, I doubt the doctors/nurses would find it unusual… Might just get admitted to the psych ward as a reward for the efforts.)

  9. Mark you are not the only one with plenty of time for writing blog comments – I think Miriam and cb are giving you a good run for your money!! What I want to know is who puts in a full day’s work without logging onto the net at all these days or is that a thing of the past?
    Susie thinks I’ve been too harsh on you Mark….my apologies:)
    Nathan I assume you’re still looking after yourself! Love Mum
    PS 60 laps today!

  10. actually I hadn’t read that bit Dan, oops.

    That’s why I was cynically amused… I saw no reason to doubt it (especially since I work in IT) is definitely worth a read. I like their approach to accessibility.

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