So I was wrong…

Apparently it happens some times. Scooter and CB both took great pleasure pointing out that aspirin does not in fact thin the blood as I may have suggested in an earlier comment. It seems that’s a simplification of the chemical process involved. Aspirin actually prevents the blood coagulating as freely or something like that – meaning rather than thinning it just stops it thickening. Have I got that right pharmacy people (Mel I guess since you’ve got that pharmacy degree you keep telling us about you might even be able to answer this question).

I would like to point out three extra things tonight – firstly, lists are cool. Secondly, free food is cool, except when it’s lukewarm, then it’s too cool. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve started a second blog.

Why does anyone need a second blog I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you.
Once upon a time I went to a big university called QUT. To cut a potentially long story short I met a guy there with a very long surname that not many people can spell. His first name is Phil. His last name is Enchelmaier. It has several vowels. More vowels than any other surname I can think of in the time it took me to type this sentence – which is to say not very long at all. Phil and I were kindred spirits (We had lots in common). A common love for ourselves. A common love for funny things. A common belief that we were capable of achieving funniness. And a common willingness to look stupid in front of large groups of people. Now that we’ve finished uni, I’m missing all the avenues through which, or by which, we used (once) to, and used (utilised) to embarrass ourselves (I think I just realised there’s a pun in the Dandy Warhols song “We used to be friends”).

But I digress, you can find samples of our work – including the scripts for the infamous OCC project. I can also promise new works of a quality rarely seen before – including a soon to be released musical collaboration created in a single day.

You can find our amazing new blog RIGHT HERE.


Leah says:

Anyway, so because I can’t post on your collab blog because only Blogger snobs are allowed to (kidding), I will post my comment on your cheese essay here.

“Pffft… that’s not an essay. Tell him, Smiley. I’m sure you faked enough of them in uni to know what they are.

But it was very amusing all the same :D”

… can’t you allow “Other” comments while not allowing anonymous ones??

leah says:

Oh, and just so everyone knows- I HAD MY LAST EXAM TODAY!!!!!!!!!

It was a PR one. I think that’s slightly pertinent to the author of this blog.

I was stressing so bad over it… turned out to be a cinch.

I had to write a media release in it.

It didn’t have a bad joke as the heading. (Our lecturer tells us to avoid them :P)

….hehe, sorry Nath.

Nathan says:

Funny you should say that Leah…

I went to a PR training seminar last night (I actually haven’t done any real PR training – I chose to do fun arts subjects as electives in my degree).

The speakers at this seminar all agreed that a catchy, eye grabbing title was essential for ensuring your release didn’t just end up in the bin. Wait till you see the ones I put up this week – I even had a pirate themed title. Arrgh.

Phil is the essay expert – he did a Bachelor of Creative Industries. I’m just a humble news writer. Although I was going through my collection of essays the other day thinking that I might actually post them online somewhere. There’s one particular one on why pineapple shouldn’t be put on pizzas that I think the public really should have access to. And there are others that are more serious that I’m determined to have quoted and referenced in people’s assignments so I’ll have to put them on wikipedia or something. Or maybe even run them in the Phil and Smiz show.

mel says:

Just to educate you about aspirin. The Australian Medicines Handbook 2006 states that the Mechanism of action of asprin is “Inhibits platelet aggregation by irreversibly inhibiting cyclo-oxygenase (COX), reducing the synthesis of thromboxane A2 (an inducer of platelet aggregation) for the life of the platelet”

Thanks to scooter for correcting nathan

Joel says:

PR hey? I think abbreviations should be avoided when people from other professions are involved. In med, PR means Per Rectum, and if you read that into the last few comments, its really quite amusing.

anonymous says:

i’m a blogger, but i’m anonymous! aren’t i??

jo says:

with regards to the aspirin saga nath, that is why i put [sic] after my comment. because i knew what i was writing was wrong. was that the correct use of the [sic]?

mel says:

its ok jo – wasn’t paying you out. I know you know your stuff!

Nathan says:


Your comment reminds me of an old joke…

Little Johnny walked in to class an hour late covered in dirt and what appeared to be blood.

The teacher was a little concerned and asked him where he’d been.

“I’ve been out shoving fireworks into frogs bums”

The teacher sternly corrected him, “rectums Johnny, rectums.”

Johnny looked at the teacher for a second before replying “too bloody right it wrecked ’em.”

Leah says:

lol @ Nathan’s joke.

Oh and Nathan, catchy titles are essential. Justnot… bad jokes :P *shrug* I dunno. I was just paying you out.

‘Catchy’ does not = ‘bad joke’ :D

*Reads Joel’s comment… re-reads my second comment…*
“It was a PR (exam). I think that’s slightly pertinent to the author of this blog.”

*stifles laughter… doesn’t work*

Don’t look at me like that Nathan…! Joel came up with it! It was Joel!!!

Nathan says:

I don’t write bad jokes, only catchy titles.

Here’s the pirate one I alluded to before:

“Tourism industry hunts pieces of ATE treasure with island rebranding”

ATE is the Australian Tourism Exchange, we’re launching a new Magnetic Island branding there… very exciting stuff.

Pieces of eight are an old Spanish coin much sought after by pirates.

Anonymous says:

Anyone still doing exams may or may not appreciate this:

Anonymous says:

the whole address wont come up on the screen sorry…..dont bother

Phil says: lets you post video direct to your other blog if you want to… so instead of a link, you can view play the video direct.

Scott says:

Ah.. Mel, your AMH quotations are sweet music to my ears…

Mark says:

But scooter, you can’t hear text on a screen.