the pen is mightier than the sword…

The world’s coolest housemate has started a blog. That’s right. Everyone needs a bit of Swede in their daily diet. Mattiac, the artist formerly known as Matty, and formally known as Karl Mattias Carlehall (funny Swedish characters excluded – not Matt himself but the letters – I’d also exclude the Swedish chef, he’s a funny Swedish character.) has joined the blogosphere. Find him at this place here.

Let me fill you in a little bit on the debonair, blonde haired and blue eyed (I think) young man… he’s single ladies. And very elligible. Did I mention Swedish. He can cook. He’s clean. He’s clearly very witty as you’ll be able to tell from his blog. I imagine it must be hard being funny in a second language – but he pulls it off.

In the last couple of days I’ve done a bit of free lance writing for some people (and I stress the free). It occured to me that the word free lance probably comes from the historical concept of mercenaries who were paid for their lance value. There’s no real point to this post actually – except that I think that etymology is endlessly fascinating. It only dawned on me tonight during bible study that the words response and responsibility are probably tied together in a pretty significant fashion – spooky hey.

Speaking of things dawning on people – I had an interesting conversation at work this morning. While I mentioned in my job interview that I was involved in church and used examples from my time on the QC exec I don’t think it had dawned on one of the girls in my section that I’m “religious.” She started telling me this story about an email she’d just received from her crazy Christian cousin – and half way through she said “gee I hope you’re not religious” and I let her keep going till the end of her story before I told her that I am in fact a Christian. Very funny stuff.


88k says:

little-known facts about Mattias:

-he sings songs about rabbits
-he went to a death-metal concert wearing white (and wondered why people swore at him)
-he is banned for life from the tender centre….(the ban is self-imposed)
-despite common beliefs about swedish people, he is not a masseur

Mattias says:

Ah, such niceties! Here I was thinking nobody would read my blog and you get all this puplicity on this wonderful place! Thank you young Sir Campbell! (The check will be in the mail shorthly, or do you want me to put it at the usual place under the old fig tree?).

Btw, didn’t go to a death metal concert.. power metal it is called..

Anyways, your blog is getting better with time Smiley (see, not even calling you smelly today) although I fear some post about a CL final coming up… Hurt it does, sport, that is.. no happiness only sadness, and sadness again

Miriam says:

Nath, I get a giggle whenever you advertise your friends on here with the – “he’s single ladies”. Hilarious! I reckon you should moonlight as a dating agency.

Nathan says:

It wouldn’t be moonlighting – it’s what I do with most of my time.

I guess I hope that what goes around will eventually come around.

Mattias says:

What goes around have came around! Check the new section (or one of the new ones) on my amazing blog!

Miriam says:

Is that what you call ‘PR’?

miriam says:

Hahaha! I just had a look at Mattias’ blog – Nathan, you’re described as tall and dark – I think he left out the ‘handsome’ bit.