The Pylon Challenge

The next wikipedia challenge topic has been set – and expanded. Please do your best to find random topics 6 degrees of separation from Pylons.

The expanded challenge is to use a similie finishing with “like a pylon” in ordinary conversation once in the next week. Your efforts should be recorded in the comments section below.


Leah says:

Pylons- disambiguation- Zurich- Sihl- deciduous- insects- chitin.

Chitin: Chitin is a hard, semitransparent material that’s found in many places in the natural world. For example, chitin is the main component of the shells of crustaceans, such as the crab, lobster, and shrimp. Many insects, such as ants and beetles, have a covering made from chitin. Chitin is even found in the cell walls of some fungi, molds and yeast. It has several medical and industrial uses.

Anonymous says:

Nathan is HOT like a pylon.

Tim says:

Pylons- American Football-injuries- Unhappy Triad- Samoa Joe- The Undertaker.
The Undertaker:Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965 [1]) is an American professional wrestler. He currently wrestles on the SmackDown! brand of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as The Undertaker.
The Undertaker is fairly renowned for starting, or at least being in the first version of, many gimmick matches in the WWE. Traditionally, The Undertaker is credited with starting the Buried Alive match, Hell In A Cell, Casket match, and Last Ride match. As the “American Bad Ass”, he also created the only Biker Chain match, though it is only a variation.

Nathan says:

Tim wins.

Scooter says:

Pylons – Ancient Egypt – Heredity – The Soviet Union – International Women’s Day – Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire – Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera Association of New York City, founded in April 1880, is a major presenter of Grand Opera. The Metropolitan is America’s largest classical music organization, and annually presents some 240 opera performances. The home of the company, the Metropolitan Opera House is one of the premier opera stages in the world.

Tim says:

Our church has its christmas lights up. It looks like a big flaming cross while the others moe away LIKE A PYLON. (spoken to matty b, nathan and robyn

AndrewF says:

@scooter – yeah.. go the Met! (I do like a pylon…)

Pylon – traffic cone – grand larceny – fale pretenses – French language – dipthong

n phonetics, a diphthong (also gliding vowel) (Greek δίφθογγος, “diphthongos”, literally “with two sounds,” or “with two tones”) is a monosyllabic vowel combination involving a quick but smooth movement from one vowel to another, often interpreted by listeners as a single vowel sound or phoneme. While “pure” vowels, or monophthongs, are said to have one target tongue position, diphthongs have two target tongue positions. Pure vowels are represented in the International Phonetic Alphabet by one symbol: English “sum” as /sʌm/, for example. Diphthongs are represented by two symbols, for example English “same” as /seɪm/, where the two vowel symbols are intended to represent approximately the beginning and ending tongue positions.

hmm… I alreay knew that.