A funny rant about emoticons


Mark says:

LOL! :)

Joel says:

I dunno mate, I understand where your disdain for emoticons comes from, but they are helpful in conveying the manner in which you write something. Sarcasm is very hard to pick up when writing, especially for the fairer sex (who’s ability to detect sarcasm in person is usually less than optimal). For example:

You’re an Idiot.

means something very different to

You’re an Idiot :p.

because of the context in which it was said. Clearly, the first was written to express that the receiver of this letter is, in fact, an idiot. But if someone wanted to say in jest that one was “an idiot” without using the emoticon, there may be some problems of interpretation.

So, depending on the circumstance, the lowly emoticon can change the whole understanding of the text. I know that some literary skill should be able to direct the recipient in the right direction, but we must remember that the recipient may be an idiot.