Two Week’s Notice

No, I haven’t quit my job, or my house. Today marks the second week I’ve been in Townsville. Time flies when you’re having fun. So this week I made my first corporate trip back to Brisbane. I had been hoping to take Friday off and stay down there for the weekend, but the realities of being a proper worker hit and I was called back to Townsville for a visit by the Chief Executive of Tourism Queensland. Turns out Media co-ordinators need to co-ordinate the media. We had all the local television networks here and I managed to be filmed sitting in the meeting. I guess this makes me an E-Grade local celebrity (that’s a joke I’ve used before for my time spent on Briz 31. I realised the other day I only really have three funny jokes that run on a rotation policy). Actually, on that bracketed note and an irrelevant tangent, I was talking to my friend Michael the other day (Michael is a Brisbane Dentistry student who’s up here on 6 months prac – he MC’d a QYC with me) and we were talking about small talk – the nature of conversations we force new people to have when we meet them. We’ve decided we’re sick of giving the little spiel on why we’re in Townsville. From now on I’m going to lie and tell people I’m a prisoner from the local prison on day release for good behaviour. Actually I won’t. But the point is – I think there are probably more effective ways to get to know new people. Why not ask random questions about circus acts, or something entertaining. Rehashing the same message over and over again gets pretty boring.

Anyway, I went to Brisbane to attend a meeting of Tourism Organisations and Tourism media outlets. We pitched Townsville to the Great Outdoors and other funky travel shows. It went well. I got free coffee and danishes. A nice change from the serving coffee and danishes in my old law firm job. I think that’s been the biggest change from the support side of an office to the professional. That and the business cards.

I got home to find that all my worldly possessions had arrived in Townsville. So now my house feels like home.

Tomorrow night I get to go on a cruise. Be jealous.


Andrew says:

“Tomorrow night I get to go on a cruise. Be jealous.”

On Thursday I was part of the Chaser studio audience. Be jealous. :)

(great blog btw)

jo says:

Hi nath.

Nathan says:

Hi Jo.

And Andrew.

The Chaser obviously wins out there. I’m jealous.

Miriam says:

to add to your rotating collection:

What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob…”If we don’t get some support soon, people will think we’re nuts.”

What’s a Shitzu? One with no animals. says:

what’s brown and sticky ?

a stick.


Andrew says:

well.. there’s gotta be something to gain from living in NSW… (shudders – stupid reversing to park.. what’s with that?)