Who would you ban?

“A British radio station has banned all songs by balladeer James Blunt from its playlist after receiving complaints from listeners. ” – From the SMH.

If I could ban anyone from the radio it would be James Blunt too.

23 thoughts on “Who would you ban?”

  1. Was just about to ask who this James Blunt guy was, but figures he’s the guy singing that song…

    I’d ban all artists that make more than $1M (US) / Year! And all the really pretty ones that look crap when they’r not wearing makeup!

  2. While I won’t agree with an outright ban on U2, I will agree that U2 has more listenable songs than the few that get regularly played on most commercial radio.

    But then, what can you expect from commercial radio, and if you listen to non-commercial radio, you’re unlikely to get U2 (or James Blunt) anyway.

  3. I think that if I heard it and knew what it was (or even if I didn’t) I’d probably ban emo.

    (How’s that for cross-post promotion?)

  4. I’d support a ban on

    – most country & western

    – “music” where lyrics are screamed or growled to such an extent that they’re unintelligible

    – anything that uses the word ‘boi’

    I think that makes me a pop-culture outcast, so to celebrate I’m going to dress in black and get my ears “plugged”

  5. Mm.. a bit of Kasey won’t go astray.
    And unfortunately neither will the rest of her…

  6. I literally laughed out loud at that. At work. People are giving me strange looks.

  7. Nobody needs to knock Kasey, she does a fine job of that herself…
    “Am I not pretty enough?”
    “You’re the captain, I’ll be no-one”

    Maybe she should all do us a favour and run away and hide.

  8. I think RJB the question that is on everyone’s lips at this point is – how do you know what she sings?

    That’s a bit presumptuous actually – it’s just the question that was on my mind when I read your statement.

  9. lol…i thought it was CAsey Donovan at first…Who it would be very difficult to get rid of due to her large build.

  10. In my defense I vaguely know the words to two of her most popular songs ‘Not pretty enough’ and ‘The Captain’. I headed to google to check the words (in the hope that google would provide even a small degree of accuracy).

    Not only does Kasey sing though her nose but her songs are and self-seeking. I am definitely not a fan.

  11. In her defence… haven’t we all, at one time or another asked “am I not pretty enough?”

  12. No Nathan, that’s just you and Kasey.

    It may be fine to ask it but she shouldn’t sing about it.

  13. The Grammar Nazi

    Ban u2? Hunh. You’re just jealous because you don’t have a ticket to the biggest-gig-that-never-was.

  14. “I literally laughed out loud at that. At work. People are giving me strange looks.”

    Everyone gives you strange looks Nathan :D

    Umm… I’m not sure who I’d ban.

    But lol @ Anonymous’s comment… and Scott’s too ;)

  15. wasn’t “am I not pretty enough” a dig at the australian country vs pop commercial music scene, which provides some irony in its subsequent success.

  16. I’d ban you smiley just on the off chance that they somehow let you on singing your crappy useless songs about how you got dumped by some girl…

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