A filling meal

I am a hypodontiac – that is to say I have less than the usual number of teeth. This is a congenital defect. That’s right – along with a lack of ankles (or the presence of cankles) and my colour blindness – I am missing some adult teeth. I’m a freak. I’m also a genius and very good looking – not to mention incredibly humble…that counts in my favour. Why am I mentioning this? Well, until recently I had a very loose filling in one of my remaining “baby” teeth – so loose that I could remove it and play with it with my tongue. So loose in fact that when I was enjoying “Parma Tuesday” ($10 chicken parmas at the Riverside Tavern) last night I noticed that my filling had disappeared. I ate it. It’s gone. There’s no way I’m fishing it out and putting it back in my mouth when it reappears – so now I have a gaping gap in my mouth. And the prospect of a pretty serious dental bill in the near future.

Percy the purple excel is adding to this financial misery with regular outpourings of smoke possibly related to the excess oil I poured into it recently – methinks my potential tax return this year will be poured into the repair of the aforementioned vehicle.

In other news – my favourite wrestler just killed himself, his wife, and their seven year old son – I’m not entirely sure how to take this news. By all accounts he was a really decent human right up to that point. I’ve had his entrance music rattling around in my head since I heard the news yesterday. I’m told that the Transformers theme song is the best way to get other tunes out of your head – and with the much hyped release of the Transformers movie happening this week it shouldn’t be too long before I’m humming it in my cubicle at work. I just sneezed so hard my back hurts. The other day I sneezed a record 24 times consecutively. I can’t remember if I blogged about that or not – but I now know without undergoing any rigorous online psychological assessment that the character from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves I most closely resemble is Sneezy.

Robyn is embarking on a trip south today to sort out important wedding stuff like flowers, dresses and other inherently important aesthetic decisions. In the mean time we’re moving her out of her current house and into a state of estate flux – the rental market in Townsville is really tight at the moment. Hopefully something will be sorted out by the time she gets back on Monday


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Joel says:

Thats a very intellegent comment, rodrigo. Actually it may well be, I don’t read what I can only assume is spanish.

As for your dying excel, I think I speak for all of us when I say get a new car. I know you like to show the world that you are comfortable with your sexuality but I think your upcoming wedding will speak more to that than your very manly shade of pruple car. And no puns about Manly being maroon.

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