Barrel (rolls) of fun

I managed to score myself a free spin on Fly Scenic Townsville’s DH82 Tiger Moth. It was the most exhilirating thing I’ve ever done, and the coolest work perk I’ve scored in my time at Townsville Enterprise. We took off at about 9am this morning from Townsville Airport – amidst chaos and confusion caused by the military excercise Operation Talisman Sabre (a joint exercise with the US military). My pilot – Rowan told me that he was going to take me to 5,000 and give me a good bash. He didn’t disappoint. After circling Magnetic Island we rose to the “acrobatic” altitude and he put the 70 year old plane through its paces – a complete “loop the loop”, a banking turn and a barrel roll – and then a combo of the three in quick succession. I’ve included a link to the photo album from the trip at the bottom of this post.

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Tiger Moth Flight


Mr Snuffle... says:

I was about to say “All you’re missing is flight goggles”, but then I saw them in the first picture :P

Most awesome

Susie says:

I am so completely jealous of you right now. i want you job!

Anonymous says:

sorry about the game…

Anonymous says:

no, really… I am.