Engaging in conversation

Readers rejoice – for one day only “Nathan in Townsville” is not a misnomer. I finally have something personally newsworthy to report. As of about 10pm last night I am officially “engaged to be married” – I proposed to my very wonderful and exceedingly beautiful girlfriend (now fiance) on the banks of the Ross River at Thuringowa’s Riverway. This was the spot where I’d asked Robyn out some seven months before. For those wanting all the gory details read on – for those who would rather read about wholesale police slaughter of deranged cows, read here – I rang Robyn’s dad on Tuesday to ask for his blessing and permission to marry his daughter, having secured that I set about planning the occasion. We’re going to my “home town” of Maclean this weekend and I had her vaguely suspecting that I’d be proposing there – she knew I had ordered a ring because she’d given me specific instructions on the type of ring she wanted. I was pretty keen to surprise her though so formulated a plan involving sleight of hand, distraction and all the other elements of pulling off a successful shock proposal. Before I called Robyn’s folks I’d asked her to find out which afternoons her dad would be free for a chat this week. Citing “things to do” I stayed at home on Tuesday afternoon and put in the most nerve wracking phone call of my life. She called that evening and told me that he’d be available for a chat any night this week. Last night we had dinner at her place for bible study, at about 9:30 I suggested we should go somewhere – we got in the car and headed off for an adventure – ending up on a wooden jetty at the new cultural precinct where I promptly bended the knee and popped the question – she said yes.

So that’s my news.

Tomorrow I’ll post my extensively researched theory on the link between success and the number of syllables in a boxer’s name… riveting stuff.


Anonymous says:

that story about the cows is awesome! i wish i was there.

Anonymous says:

congratulations nathan!

Anonymous says:

who’s gonna be on your bridal party? i think you should run a competition on your blog.

AndrewF says:

Congratulations Nathan!

Mark says:

We ran into a horse once. It was about 10pm at night on a poorly lit road in Mackay. Its head came through the windscreen, broke the front passenger seat of our van, and pulled the windscreen back out with it when it reared/was knocked back. I think mum was only doing ~50km/h.

The front end of the car was pushed back to almost touching the seat on the passenger side, but Dad was still able to come and drive it the 3km home. Nissan vans were tough.

One of the cops on hand ended up shooting the horse – it had been lying on the ground for the better part of an hour, still alive, but obviously not well. He was swearing about animals and vets and cars – I think he knew he would have to shoot it.

I can still remember seeing the horse hit the passenger seat. I can remember shaking as I called dad. And I can remember the flash of the gun as I looked out of the back of the car that took us home.

By God’s grace, I wasn’t sitting in the front passenger seat that night – I was in the back with a friend. Everyone in the car walked away without a scratch.

To hit a cow at 110km/h would be horrific. I have no doubt it was best thing for the police to shoot the cows. There could easily have been multiple human fatalities there.

Mark says:

ok flashback over.

Congratulations Nathan & Robyn.

Well planned and executed, Nathan.


Lila Bear says:

I was about to say “about time” … then I remembered Andre and I have been going out for almost 2 years :P

Anyway. Congratulations :D Nice work, Nathan ;)

DanielS says:

Well done mate – when are you and your fiancĂ©e coming to Brisbane?