Fire sale – the downfall of a nation

I’ve spent a fair portion of my day distracted by a fascinating news story. The world’s smallest country is on the market. It’s a nation* with an interesting diplomatic history that’s well worth reading about including wars, kidnapping of members of the royal family, allegations of corruption and intrigue – I’d suggest here, and here. Apparently the owners are looking for an 8 figure sum of money for the “island” – which was home to a unique internet data storage service that eventually went belly-up after a dispute with the government. The country is for sale after a fire swept through the 6000 square foot platform causing terrible heartache for the outgoing royal family. Those interested in becoming part of the “ruling class” of Sealand can purchase a title online. In the traditions of makepovertyhistory and other such debt cancelling/fundraising activities, Sealand is seeking donations to literally keep afloat. Their fundraising endeavours include the opportunity to request a postcard from a Sealand resident, the chance to own a fire damaged bolt from the nation’s exoskeleton, and the opportunity to make donations from the goodness of your heart. Sealand child sponsorship would be the next logical step, but no children live there. The best thing about this story is that it’s all true.

As you can see, I’ve enjoyed a productive day at work.

*Sealand’s claims of sovereignty were loosely upheld by a 1960s court case in Britain, but it’s unlikely the claims stack up with no other country officially recognising the outpost as a legitimate nation.