Incontinence and death threats

During a recent trip south I discovered that my family no longer take the time to visit my blog because I don’t talk enough about myself. I’m trying to rectify this situation so this post will be all about life in Townsville.

I’ve now been engaged for a week – with a preliminary wedding date set for September, I calculate I have about 27.5 weeks left of being engaged so I plan to enjoy it while it lasts – I plan to only ever be engaged once so it’s a very small window to enjoy such a unique position. The announcement of my engagement hasn’t been well received in all circles – a seven year old student from Robyn’s school is so distraught at her engagement that he’s threatened to kill me – it turns out he was planning to marry her in quite a few years. If it comes down to a mono-a-mono knife fight or something I’m pretty confident I can take him so I’m not overly worried. Robyn tells me he’s a James Bond fan so he may know all sorts of spy moves – so I’m alert but not alarmed.

As a writer with an underlying perfectionist streak I know the frustration of sending documents with embarrasing typos – I occasionally notice incoherent syntax or poor grammar in my press releases after I send them, so it was with great pleasure that I received the following email the other day, followed by a recall attempt that came a little bit too late…

“Lyn also advises that we will only run a market with there is a potential
600-700 passengers. Apologies for the incontinence. I have forwarded
the information to CBD Promotions so they can let the traders

I thought that was very funny and it’s been a while since I included any toilet humour in my blog.

It’s also been a while since I posted any music reviews so I just want to give a plug for two CD’s I bought recently – Josh Pyke’s “Memories and Dust” is spectacular lyric driven harmonious guitar pop – it’s the first almost perfect album I’ve bought since Muse’s Absolution. I also picked up The Shins “Wincing the Night Away” which is another great album and well worth a listen. They are both heartilly endorsed by this writer.

I’ve just set up the Townsville Enterprise footy tipping comp for this year’s NRL competition – I’m looking forward to teaching my co-workers a thing or two about the might of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles who I expect to do very well this season. There will be much gloating if I manage to reach the upper echelons amongst a group of die hard Cowboys supporters and apathetic pundits. I will be providing a weekly “expert” form guide to my colleagues which may even become a regular feature on this ‘ere blog.