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“Build a better world” activists lobbyists Amnesty International don’t have too much to do in Australia now Hicks is back, but they’ve gone a bridge too far with its latest criticism of John Howard. In what is surely an example of rabbitical hyperbole (or rabid hyperbole… nb try searching for “rabbitical hyperbole” on google – there’ll now be two entries) they have compared the diminutive Aussie PM with Zimbabwe’s fashionable dictator* Mugabe. While that comparison may be apt if you’re a crazy neo-leftist who thinks anything short of marxism is a form of oppression – I have no problem with that tool of political persuasion. I do feel that Amnesty struck a low blow when they called Howard short sighted. This is clearly making fun of the PM’s disability. A practice frowned upon in an age of politically correct social discourse. Luckily their claims will probably fall on deaf ears.**

* insomuch that he is the archetypal dictator – or the dictator a la mode
** boom boom tish

May 24, 2007

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Mark says:

Why would you want to google rabbitcal hyperbole? Rabbits already have enough attention due to other hyper activities.

Leah Maria says:

They obviously have NO BLOODY IDEA what is going on in Zimbabwe. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERY DAY. Why do they think people are trying to get OUT OF ZIMBABWE and INTO Australia?!?

That makes me so, so mad.

Anonymous says:

well Leah, the way to fix that is to vote Liberal in the next federal election. We don’t want K-Rudd to get in.

Leah Maria says:

Damn straight.

Joel says:

I was listening to Alan Jones this morning (questionably credibility aside, he had some interesting things to say) talking about K-Rudd’s wife and how she uses AWA’s in her rather successful small business. By the sounds of things she was they type of employer that the labor party wants to do away with altogether. It would be funny if K-Rudd became prime minister and sent his wife’s business broke because of his ridiculous IR policies.

Leah Maria says:

Unrelated, but…

“This book will help you discover what it means to know Jesus and find out His plan and purpose for your life. So many people are trying to fill the void in their life with moments and possessions that do not satisfy long-term, but in finding Jesus you will experience a life filled with blessing, prosperity and strength to live the life you have always dreamed about.”

Can anybody say “prosperity doctrine”?

Can anybody say “if this is what you think the Christian life is about you are going to be sorely mistaken”…?

Leah Maria says:

here’s that link again…

(without the ‘enter’ between the two lines)

Anonymous says:

Would you expect anything less from Planetshakers?

Joel says:

What annoys me is the subtitle – “A guide to exploring the Christian faith,” like this in some way is the central doctrine that christianity rises and falls on.

I could write a tome on what is wrong with that statement.

Anonymous says:

Planetshakers – is that the conference you go to every year Nathan? The one in Canberra with that Jensen guy? Is that Planetshakers?

AndrewF says:

dodgy theology and lyrics aside, there is something terribly wrong about balding middle-aged people playing teeny-bopper pop-punk music…
I’ll get to meet Alan Jones in a few weeks…

Leah Maria says:

I like the planetshakers music that i’ve come across. Dodgy theology otherwise perhaps, but i generally dont mind their music.