One perfect day

Despite suffering flu like symptoms I managed to have the perfect day of dining yesterday – it’s days like it that make me really appreciate my job.
Starting with breakfast at Betty Blue and the Lemon Tart – one of Townsville’s dining gems and a frequent haunt for Robyn and I for their all day Sunday breakfast. I had Sunday Mail journo Alison Cotes up this week checking out Magnetic Island and Hidden Valley Cabins and this was her last meal in Townsville before returning to Brisbane. Breakfast was Mini fried donuts with white fudge, turkish delight and ice cream followed by bacon and eggs on doorstop toast – that donut dish is a combination of all my favourite sweet foods.
After that breakfast I’d planned not to have lunch because I had a dinner engagement on Magnetic Island with another media group – but a meeting at work had ordered excess catering and a platter of soft cheeses, fruit, biscuits and sandwhiches was left in the staff room – I’m not one to turn down free cheese.
Dinner was three of my favourite dishes of all time – Caesar Salad, followed by a medium rare sirloin steak, followed by creme caramel.
What a day. What a job. And to top it off I’m at home having a sick day today so I can engage in my other favourite activity – sleep and hopefully overcome this flu.

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