World Cup coming to Australa? Is the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean?

When a deckhand on the Titanic famously proclaimed that “Even God couldn’t sink this ship” just prior to the liner’s fateful (or ill-fated or predestined) maiden voyage, he unwittingly became the butt of many sermon illustrations over the years on the problem with dismissing the almighty too lightly. It seems others have not learned from his mistake – Danny Joordan the man behind South Africa’s preparations for the 2010 Football World Cup is tempting fate offering the following challenge in a story published today  – “Only God can take the World Cup away,” he said.

His statement came in response to rumours that Australia is gearing up to step in as an emergency replacement destination if the African country can’t get its stuff together.

So, if we’ve learned anything from the Titanic we’ll be seeing world class football (and not the garden variety Beckham variety – I mean seriously, has Beckham done anything other than hit pretty nice freekicks and the odd cross in his life? He is one dimensional, has no pace and is only famous because he married a Spice Girl…) on our shores in the near future. In all probability we won’t actually be playing – having been drawn in the “group of death” – now all we need is for someone to come out and say “Even God couldn’t help Australia qualify for the World Cup,” which I’m happy to do here and now.

Maybe that could be K-Rudd’s next project now that he’s single-handedly saved the globe from impending climate induced destruction by ratifying a treaty that’s set to expire in about four years that 170 nations around the world had already signed up to. Now if someone comes out and says “God alone couldn’t sink this country” we’re in real trouble…

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