A wordy post

Meriam Webster dictionary has released the 10 most frequently looked up words in 2008. In order they are:
Bailout, vet, socialism, maverick, bipartisan, trepidation, precipice, rogue, misogyny, turmoil…

Obviously some were influenced by the global economic crisis – like misogyny… others by the US election… like bailout. Obviously other people wanted to know where to send their dogs… Or, it could be that the American populace was wondering why Obama was so keen to vet his cabinet. English is a funny language. Why do you need a trained animal doctor to check out a piece of furniture?

Here’s how the list stacks up to previous years – where w00t, Facebook and others all appear. It’s an interesting way to track people’s thinking and concerns. And what they don’t know but are choosing to be educated about.


Leah says:

I would have thought “bailout” would have been prompted by the economic crisis rather than election??

Nathan says:

Yes. Well, that was a joke. I guess I was suggesting that the US needed a political bailout more than an economic one…

Nathan says:

Because obviously, you know, the global economic crisis has heaps to do with the hatred of women.