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Dan just shared an article on the one space v two debate via google reader that had me scratching my head. I completely forgot that once upon a time a new sentence required two spaces. Seems I’m ahead of the curve on this debate. I can’t even remember the last time I double spaced. Does anyone out there still do that?

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4 thoughts on “Double space”

  1. Just to show you how behind the times I am, I still double space, and I wasn’t aware that you were allowed to single space. My whole world is crashing down around me.

  2. I have a feeling that Word et all used to autocorrect the spacing for me. I have no idea when it stopped – but it no longer appears to.

  3. Joel, that comment looks like you only single spaced at the beginning of your new sentence :P

    And I don’t think I’ve ever double spaced. I did when Mum was checking a draft and watching me type and made me double space, but otherwise not.

  4. I’m just old enough that I did Typing as a subject at school. So, yes, I double space. Sometimes. Sometimes I make a mistake. I make lots of typing mistakes. And get quite cranky when Word corrects me. I get cranky when it tells me I’ve spelt my surname wrong, too. What would Word know anyway.

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