I find this blog incredibly amusing. It claims to be the dullest blog in the world and it is.

It has been defunct for two years but still enjoys some popularity. Here’s a sample. They are all this good.

Putting a piece of junk mail into the waste paper basket…
February 2nd, 2004

I discovered a piece of junk mail on my door mat. I carried the item away from the front door and held it above the waste paper basket. I opened my hand, thereby allowing the piece of junk mail to fall into the basket.

The author

Nathan runs St Eutychus. He loves Jesus. His wife. His daughter. His son. His other daughter. His dog. Coffee. And the Internet. He is the campus pastor at Creek Road South Bank, a graduate of Queensland Theological College (M. Div) and the Queensland University of Technology (B. Journ). He spent a significant portion of his pre-ministry-as-a-full-time-job life working in Public Relations, and now loves promoting Jesus in Brisbane and online. He can't believe how great it is that people pay him to talk and think about Jesus.

One thought on “Dull”

  1. i think about that blog (which I used to read back at Uni – well before it was cool) everytime I log into facebook. it was well before its time.

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