Last week I posted about the self proclaimed dullest blog in the world.

Here’s a sample post from that one.

Opening a cupboard door…
October 16th, 2005

There was a cupboard in the corner of the room. I reached out my hand and gripped the door handle. I pulled the door towards me, thereby opening the cupboard.

Like most self proclaimed titles – eg the World’s Strongest Man – this one fails at the truth test. Here, today, I give you a new candidate for World’s dullest blog. A chance for the Australian Government to prove it really hasn’t come to terms with technology despite their claims to the contrary. Here’s an excerpt from Lindsay Tanner’s first post:

“I’m pleased to be able to join with the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy in welcoming you to the Government’s first online consultation trial. There is a happy synergy in government using its first blog trial to deal with the important questions of the future of the digital economy, and Minister Conroy and his department deserve credit for their initiative in getting this consultation established.”

“While the primary aim of this blog is to get your feedback on aspects of the digital economy, we also want to use this opportunity to explore the mechanics of government blogging and hear your thoughts on how we should interact with you online.”

At least the comments are entertaining. Like this one from Gaz.

“Excellent initiative, so well done. Can I suggest that to facilitate civil discussion that your Ministerial partner, Sen Conroy refrain from implying that those who oppose your net filtering plans are somehow supporters of child pornography as he has done in the past? His comments instantly caused the debate to veer off into unproductive directions and were therefore extremely unhelpful. I hope he can raise his standard of contribution in the spirit of the sort of “effective engagement” you quite rightly mention.”

Ahh, democracy in action.