Finally, a bible you can read anywhere…

Not sure how useful this is – but the previewed Revelation image looks like a cool desktop.

A Swedish marketeer is set to release the New Testament in magazine format for the borderline illiterate.


DanielS says:

I saw one of these bible/magazines in a doctors’ waiting room the other year and had a quick flick through. The front page was styled much like a women’s magazine (e.g. Women’s Weekly, New Idea) but on the inside it had way more words and nowhere near the number of grainy paparazzi images, nor the volume of advertising for beauty products (though I could image an ad for ‘Fit for Him’ fitting right in).

What do you reckon about this? I’m all for making the scriptures more accessible, but do you think that the magazine format works? Do you think that the SydAngs should be glossing it up for Connect09?