Fully sick

Is there anything worse than being at work sick?
Yes, there is, being at work sick on a deadline for your most important project of the year.
At least I have Ben, James and Paul’s emails to keep me company. Today we’re talking about the falling Aussie dollar and how it has ruined Paul’s Christmas because importing his presents is now prohibitively expensive. Good times.
Yesterday we talked about Ben’s inability to write analogies. Paul and James mostly talk about computer games. Which only mildly interests me because they’re not talking about the Nintendo 64 – which is the only console I’m currently playing. Just to keep you in the loop – I only have three 00 Agent levels to go. 1337 – is that how you write “leet” – I’m sure James will correct me. 


Leah Maria says:

I was going to import Christmas presents too.

Damn Aussie dollar. Two months ago I wouldn’t have been paying much more than the advertised prices on the American websites. Now, though…

Shelley Cooper-White says:

I believe we gave you your 64 as a going away present when you moved from Maclean? Old school. We still have ours too :)

st_eutychus says:

That one is at mum and dad's. This one is the one I bought at a garage sale.