I hate airlines

I just booked flights for the return leg of our Christmas holidays with Virgin Blue. Their stupid booking system screwed me out of $50. If you search for tickets for 2 passengers and they’ve only got one flight available at the cheap rate of $89 they’ll return a search result requiring you to pay $150 for both. That’s extortion. So I went to make simultaneous bookings at $89*. Much more reasonable. Things were looking good. I managed to complete booking one at the $89 level (plus booking fee and baggage so $100 in total). Then when I went to complete the second booking at the $89 dollar level it told me someone else (me obviously) had booked that seat. Retards. What happened to the contract principle of offer and acceptance. I had to book again at $150. Plus extra costs for baggage and credit card fees. I hate airlines. At least I didn’t pay $300 plus taxes. Stupid VirginBlue – I hope their media monitoring services pick up this rant and they act accordingly. But they’ll probably cancel my flight.

End of rant.

*without baggage, credit card fees and optional carbon offsets… oh and the fee you can pay for the legroom available in an emergency exit row.