Passionate Defense

Mel Gibson is in trouble. The screenwriter from his hit movie gorefest “The Passion of the Christ” is claiming he was underpaid. I haven’t seen the Passion. I have no intention of doing so. I don’t see how Gibson’s interpretation of the events of the crucifixion of Jesus could be any more compelling than the text.

The scriptwriter is seeking $10 million for the work. Pretty good money if you can get it – particularly since the original was pretty much there in the form of one of the world’s best selling and most popular books. Any monkey could have produced a screenplay from that source material. Who does this guy think he is?


Leah says:

I haven’t seen it, but I’m interested to… I think we usually absorb things visually much different than we do by reading. Key word being ‘usually’.

I can’t see how the scriptwriter thinks he has a leg to stand on though. I imagine he would have agreed to a wage when signing up with Mel… tough luck mate.

Queen Stuss says:

I did get dragged along to see it, and didn’t dare open my mouth and say that I wasn’t thoroughly moved like everyone else.
My thoughts were ‘the Romans were bastards, weren’t they’ at the end of the movie, followed by ‘now, why did they crucify Jesus, I dont’ think that was explained in the film’.
It was pretty gruesome.