Word up

I’m seriously considering moving this blog to wordpress. So, my five loyal readers, I am humbly seeking your advice.

While I enjoy being part of the google family (ie blogger, gmail, picasa, reader etc…) WordPress just seems so much nicer, cleaner, more functional… but to get some of the real functionality I’m after I may have to pay some money.

Incidently, I have been playing with WordPress and imported this blog to a WordPress account – I average about 4 comments per post – I seem to be pretty down on comments in the last six months though, I guess that’s what a long lay off will do. Or maybe I’m now boring.

Here are my pros and cons so far:
1. Allows me to email posts to my blog using a special, secret email address – but from anywhere – this is handy because it means I can appear to be working but actually blogging.
2. Allows Ben to receive my posts by email – I’m not sure he’d be able to get them so passively if I made the switch.
3. It’s what I’ve always known so the status quo bias probably plays some part in making me stay here.
4. It allows me to easily edit the layout CSS – which gives me freedom to significantly change things up if I so desired.
1. (Big one) Blogger doesn’t have all the functionality that I like in WordPress (ie creating pages that aren’t posts, other nice layout things, the ability to post delicious bookmark lists as a post quickly and easily)

1. It looks nicer
2. It has a better user interface
3. It’s a properly dedicated blogging service – not part of a huge, all powerful global conglomerate.
4. It has developed some really nice little tools – and the third party plug in developments don’t all look like stupid games created by stupid people – seriously, check out the list of add ons for Blogger some time…
5. You can have extra pages, better tag sorting (not that I use tags much, but I think I should), it is very functional while still being stylish.
6. I only have about 5 readers anyway – I reckon most of you would make the move with me (other than Ben).

1. I’m scared of/resistant to change.
2. Ben would have to use a browser or RSS reader to access my rambling posts.

So there you have it. Comments? Here’s the wordpress version with a default template that I’d play with…


Mr Snuffle... says:

Aww man, I read your blog. I’ll RSS it where ever it ends up :)

Damien says:

Seriously, there shouldn’t even be a question. Blogger is for amateurs – WordPress is he future.

Besides, all the cool people are using RSS anyway.

DanielS says:

Isn’t there a way to post to most blogging engines through Openoffice.org Writer/MS Word? Surely that would look even more like work than email.

wolfyrabbit says:

I think you should go WordPress. I’ll even get you a domain name for Christmas if you want and you can host your blog on your own domain name at wordpress.com (costs $10 a year for hosting)

at least you have people reading your blog. The only visitors I have is myself and google search bots !


ANdrew says:

i moved from blogger to wordpress yonks ago!